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    Our Team

    Tess McCabe – CWC Director and Melbourne event coordinator
    Tess is a graphic designer by trade and current coordinator of the CWC. She is passionate about promoting the work & success of other creatives and creating a community of like-minded folk. She chooses speakers and coordinates CWC events, manages the blog team and is excited to bring more publishing projects to the CWC community. She loves tea, toast and design magazines.

    Martina Gemmola – Melbourne event coordination assistant and photographer
    As a Freelance photographer, Martina is constantly inspired by the creative community behind this great city. When she is not shooting gorgeous spaces or spirited people, she is poring over design publications and dreaming of what’s next. At times wearing many hats, she has a background in production and project management, keen barista skills and a serious passion for anything food and travel related.

    Lizzie Stafford – Brisbane events coordinator
    Lizzie Stafford is a freelance writer and editor, and owns and runs Künstler, an independent magazine and bookstore based in Winn Lane, Brisbane. She organises CWC events in Brisbane alongside a team of talented creative women. When not working, you can find Lizzie in the nearest cinema, in the kitchen cooking for family and friends and in the mountains on her parents’ farm. Follow her on instagram and twitter @eestafford.

    Christina Atherton – Newcastle events coordinator
    On a quest to live a more creative life, Christina loves any type of crafty project and has tried everything from watercolours and flower arranging to paper craft and calligraphy. She has an unhealthy obsession with Instagram and when not working in freelance travel and lifestyle PR, spends her time as a mama, wannabe photographer and magazine junkie. She currently coordinates CWC events in Newcastle.

    Current blog columnists:

    Andy McArthur - Organise MeInterviews
    Andrea McArthur has a passion for all things visual. Type is her true love and goes weak over great design. After being a graphic designer for many years she has switched hats to become an educator of graphic design and enjoys watching others fall in love with design too. She runs her solo freelance design business.

    Dannielle CrespOrganise Me
    Dannielle is a blogger, web designer, serial organiser and passionate traveller. She has a secret love of 90s teen movies and can often be found on Twitter. In 2013, Dannielle is packing up her life in Melbourne into one suitcase and moving to Canada to make her crazy dream, of a more adventurous life, happen. You can find out more on her blog.

    Catherine Harvey - Bricks & Mortar
    Catherine lives and breathes design. Working at one of Melbourne’s top studios, she is rarely ever away from her computer. She loves to keep up to date with the design industry in a global and local context and follows too many blogs to count! You can follow her findings here. A lover of coffee, buying design books and throwing a few punches at boxing, she dreams of buying a converted warehouse where she can fill her house with all things design.

    Susan Goodwin - Social Media
    Susan Goodwin is the designer, sewer and creator of Rocket Fuel, ensuring you are decked out in style while cycling. Read her blog or follow her on Twitter @rocketfuelstyle.

    Lizzie Stafford – My Advice
    Lizzie Stafford is a freelance writer and editor, and owns and runs Künstler, an independent magazine and bookstore based in Winn Lane, Brisbane (opening March 2014). She organises CWC events in Brisbane alongside a team of talented creative women. When not working, you can find Lizzie in the nearest cinema, in the kitchen cooking for family and friends and in the mountains on her parents’ farm. Follow her on instagram and twitter @eestafford.


    Past columnists:

    Emily Harrison –  Stress & Wellness
    Emily is a yoga teacher, writer and communications adviser with a passion for health and wellbeing.  She encourages people to discover the vast potential and possibility that lies within each and every one of us. In 2012 she takes a leap of faith out of the corporate world and further into her writing and teaching…which will mean a new website coming soon!

    Phoebe Miller - Eco Friendly Practice
    Phoebe is a Brisbane-bred, Sydney-fled, Melbourne-embedded gal who enjoys making, spruiking, collecting, exploring, telling her friends where to eat and posting photos of doors on instagram. After several years working in corporate marketing and communications, Phoebe followed the urge to explore her creative side. These days she divides her time between her sustainable fashion accessories label, Simply Phoebe, and freelance PR consulting.

    Nathania Gilson - Women in Film
    Nathania is a young filmmaker living in Melbourne, Australia. She has spent the last three years working on a number of short films, music videos and documentaries. Her side projects involve curating content for independent publications, adventuring and maintaining the ability to function on minimal sleep. She is excited about the future.

    Roslyn Russell - Interviews
    Roslyn Russell
     is a sewist, blogger and teacher. She has developed her sewing skills while on maternity leave with her two children and it has grown to encompass her blog, Sew Delicious, where she showcases her latest projects and designs. She also writes and photographs detailed sewing tutorials for beginner and intermediate sewists. Roslyn also enjoys cake baking and decorating, exploring Melbourne cafes and restaurants, and hunting through op-shops for vintage sewing and kitchen treasures.

    Joanna Francis - Women in the World
    Joanna Francis spends most of her time hanging out with her one year old son. But she also works for a children’s foundation and has recently started her own little business making baby quilts. Her house is a mess. In the past, Joanna has worked as an aid worker in several developing countries, and is passionate about the rights of women and children. You can visit her and her blog at www.miettehandmade.com

    Lauren Treiser - Women in Art
    Lauren is graphic designer and founder of patchyrugs.com.au. She loves all things design (see her blog at blog.ilovelollies.net) and is particularly passionate about fine art, interior design and jewellery. Lauren is currently studying Gold & Silversmithing and doing graphic design on a freelance basis.

    Diane Leyman - Bricks & Mortar
    Diane Leyman is an editor and writer and with six years of experience working in non-fiction, illustrated trade book publishing. She has a passion for all things design, and writes a design blog called Notes to a Further Excuse, which she updates regularly. She also likes taking photographs, crafting, drinking coffee and obsessing over mid-century homewares.

    Ellison Bloomfield - What’s New in Social Media
    Ellison Bloomfield is a Senior Analyst in Social Media at Deloitte. Her blog – Humane Resource has received world-wide attention and Ellison is frequently quoted as a thought leader on HR issues both within Australian and international publications. She can be found on twitter and pinterest @EllisonAmy

    Jodi Wiley - Book Reviews
    Jodi Wiley is an artist, writer, teacher and blogger. She has written freelance articles and book reviews for magazines and newspapers, as well as education curriculum. She has been a finalist for several art and illustration prizes and has won awards for her artwork. Jodi is currently on maternity leave from high school teaching and is on a (quite frankly deranged) quest to update her blog daily: artbywiley.com

    Sandra Todorov - Women Who Write
    Sandra Todorov’s writing has appeared in The Seminal, The Lowy Institute ‘Interpreter’, Kill Your Darlings and Miranda Literary Magazine. She runs a consultancy from Melbourne CBD and her first novel will be out in 2013.

    Jaclyn Carlson - Scenes from Sydney
    Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Jaclyn Carlson is the author behind the Sydney-based blog, Little Paper Trees. When not documenting her expat adventures, she can be found working for one of Australia’s top design & homewares trade shows. Passionate and prone to wasting hours on Pinterest, she has years of experience in marketing, advertising and PR and aims to put Sydney’s creative women in the spotlight with her monthly column.

    Janine Fitzpatrick - Book Reviews
    Janine Fitzpatrick blogs at  Shambolic Living where readers get to feel far happier about their lives when they experience the chaos of hers. She is coming to terms with being the mother of two teenagers, has given up on the dream of a tidy house and still plans to write a book one day.

    Julia Ritson - Women from History
    Julia Ritson is a Melbourne artist. Her paintings investigate color, abstraction and a long-standing fascination with the grid. Julia has enriched and extended her studio practice with a series of limited edition art scarves. She also produces an online journal dedicated to art and scarves and architecture.

    Liz Banks-Anderson - Women in Art
    Liz is a communications professional and freelance writer from Melbourne. Inspired by the city’s artistic endeavours she likes taking photographs, exploring the design world and has developed a great interest in all things art. Passionate about documenting and sharing the unique projects, people and possibilities in the creative community, Liz is excited by what lies ahead. Liz’s own blog will be launched soon…In the meantime, she’s happy being a twit.

    Brianna Read - Tools of the Trade
    Knitwear designer/maker Brianna Read views fashion as a form of artistic expression. Under the label Jack of Diamonds she creates knitted garments and accessories. Using traditional hand-made techniques in combination with machine knit technologies her pieces travel from hand to machine and back again. Brianna’s multi-faceted creative practice encompasses design, production, styling, exhibition work and machine knit workshops.