Weekly round-up: Interesting finds from around the web this week


From Broadsheet: An ‘Anonymous’ entry system paves the way for young and emerging interiors/architectural designers and creatives to submit their concepts for the Flinders Street Station Design CompetitionPlease someone suggest some kind of awesome upgrade to the women’s restrooms so they don’t feel so much like prison!? :) (Image above from here).

An insight into using Facebook as a blogging platform. (via @busichic).

Loads of great insights into the world of blogging, social media and design are coming out on line now that Alt Summit (which I mentioned last week) is over. I was going to post a bunch of links to various bloggers’ recarps, but then Clare from Women in Business beat me to it – she has a great-round up on her blog so head on over there!

Inside an Inside Out Magazine printing press check. (via @camillamolders)

Have a great weekend all… and look out next week for news about our new blog contributors. Yay! Tess x

Thanks and see you next year!

With the year drawing to a close I’d just like to say thanks again for your support of the CWC in 2011 – reading the blog, buying the book, attending the events… it’s been great to meet more and more of you in person and hear about your creative work.

2012 will see some exciting changes and additions to the blog, and the events will continue regularly featuring fantastic women speaking to us about their careers and creative lives.

Blog posting will be light over the next couple of weeks, so in the meantime I hope that you have a happy Christmas, a fun and festive new year and be sure to take some time for yourself to rest, relax and recharge those creative batteries!

x Tess

P.S. Here’s a few  member news items and interesting finds from around the web this week…
Melbourne’s beloved Aunty Cookie (aka Shannon Lamden) has made Ohdeedoh’s Big Blog Family Tree.

Did you hear about the Art Series Hotel‘s ‘Steal Banksy‘ competition? Read how winners Megan Aney and Maura Tuohy used their social media skills (and some old fashioned fast talking) to pull it off (via @busichic).

Jane Howard, an Adelaide-based performing arts critic, writer and blogger, on the shrinking creative support network in Adelaide… an important story that is mimicked in a number of Australian cities I’m sure.

Frankie & Swiss (the lovely South Yarra venue where we held our Shelley Panton event in September) have officially launched their website! I love collaborating with these girls, and they have lots of great projects in the pipeline for next year, so I also recommend bookmarking their blog.

Kish & Evie have officially launched their delicate embroidered scarf collection – click over to see the range and to hear the fasciniating multi-part story behind the design & production.

Weekly round-up: interesting finds from around the web this week

Mali in the City is a Melbourne Zoo 150th anniversary celebration event. They are inviting participation from professional artists and enthusiastic amateurs, artist groups, young people, set designers, photographers and the like to decorate one of fifty 3D elephant sculptures. The sculptures will then be auctioned off with proceeds specifically directed to Zoos Victoria’s Wildlife and Community Conservation programs. If you’d like to take part, or would simply like more information, visit the Melbourne Zoo section of to download an application form.

This 20-year retrospective ‘scrapbook’ by Wendy Mullins of Built By Wendy is a great read (especially for ’90s indie music fans!).

Jane from Life on Planet Baby has a round-up on her blog about a recent University of Tasmania lecture she gave about blogging. Some great food for thought in there including how to decide on the tone of your blog and techie things like post titles and profile pics.

Did you know State of Green regularly post interviews on their blog? I only just discovered them myself this week. Favourites thus far have included those from Supercyclers and Ruba.

Need last minute gift ideas? Try the Global Poverty Project’s ethical retailers list.

Survey results from over 180 designers on the apps and software in their ‘toolkits’ – definitely some newbies there to experiment with over the quiet January period if efficiency is one of your goals for 2012 (via @andreaevendesign).

A quick interview (and some stunning images!) with 82-year-old Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama about her work, in the lead up to the exhibition Look Now, See Forever currently on at GoMA in Brisbane (disclaimer, my brother wrote the article! :)) (via @paulwdonoughue)

Weekly round-up: interesting finds from around the web this week

Classy colour explosion imminentGorman & Castle collaborate on fashion, homewares.

Stop designing chairs! (via @superethique)

The 5 best toys of all time (a.k.a. what to get your kids for Christmas) (via @pocketcarnival)

Jessica Hische has another great article on her blog this week called ‘Imitation vs Inspiration‘. I love that Jessica (an amazing type designer/graphic designer/illustrator in her own right) takes time out of her busy schedule to write thoughtful articles/flowcharts like this that are both humourous and educational! Check out some other gems from her archive: On getting paid; Should I work for free?; Mom, this is how Twitter works.

A call-out for crafting/upcycling ideas for a new book (via @thecraftrevivial)

Christmassy iPhone wallpaper to get you in the festive mood (and remind you to call your nanna) over at Kish + Co.

Enjoy your weekends, friends!