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    Want to contribute to our next book? A call for submissions.


    Updated 31 October!

    As you may have heard, our sister-company Creative Minds Publishing and Tess McCabe are currently developing a book with lawyer (and former CWC speaker) Sharon Givoni called Owning It: A Creative’s Guide to Copyright, Contracts and the Law.

    We are now looking for images and quotes from the Australian creative community to pepper throughout its pages, so if you fit the following criteria – we’d love to hear from you!

    Please have a read through this list to see specifically who and what we are after – and feel free to forward this onto your friends and colleagues (male or female!). If you tick one of these boxes please contact Tess via the email address at the bottom of this post and we’ll get back to you! The deadline is Friday 14 November 2014.


    • You have a photograph that was taken in a public place that required a permit.
    • You have an amazing photo that you want to show off.
    • You are a wedding photographer who has clients agree to certain terms or conditions or sign a contract before their photo shoot.

    Graphic designers, creative agencies and Illustrators

    • You have created an advertisement that has adhered to a standard or voluntary code of conduct.
    • You are a graphic designer and have portfolio examples of a branding and collateral project you’d like to show off.
    • You keep drafts of your original illustrations (paper or digital) that show when they were created.

    Makers and craftspeople

    • Your products are made in Australia and customers can find out more about the makers on your website.
    • Your products are made overseas and customers can find out more about the makers on your website.

    Product designers

    • You are a product designer who has registered a design with IP Australia.
    • You have had a potential client sign a confidentiality agreement before showing them a new product or collection.

    Tattoo artists

    • You have beautiful high-resolution images of your work that you’d like to show off.


    • You have beautiful high-resolutions images of your work that you’d like to show off.
    • You get clients to sign a contract outlining your terms and timelines for a project including building variations etc.

    Fashion designers

    • You regularly use models in photo shoots and have them sign a model release.

    Artists and galleries

    • You are an artist registered with VisCopy.
    • You are an artist who is registered or has received Resale Royalty Rights from a sale of your work.

    Writers, poets, playwrights and publishers

    • You are a playwright or poet who has had works published or performed.
    • You have written and published an eBook.
    • You are a writer/journalist registered with Copyright Agency Limited (CAL).


    • You are a musician or band who has licensed a song, signed a recording contract or who has a publishing deal.
    • You are a performing musician who has professional images of yourself on stage.
    • You have remixed or sampled another musicians work with their permission.
    • You are a musician who is registered with APRA|AMCOS to receive royalties.

    Retailers and galleries

    • You are a retailer or yoga instructor and you pay APRA|AMCOS license fees to play music in your shop/studio.
    • You sell artwork or products by other people on consignment, and have some kind of basic terms that outline when consignment $ are paid.
    • You are a gallery that assists artists with receiving Resale Royalty Rights.

    Film makers and animators

    • You are a film maker (director/producer) who has professional images of ‘behind the scenes’ of a film set.
    • You are an animator who has made an animated film or short film.

    Business owners, sole traders, creative professionals

    • You have a social media policy in place for your employees.
    • You have a partnership contract in place in your creative business.

    {Note that all contributions will be shown in a completely positive light, and while we unfortunately cannot afford to pay for contributions, all contributors whose work ends up in the book will be fully credited and receive a discount on the book’s sale price once it is released next year.}

    Questions and expressions of interest in contributing can be directed to Tess McCabe at hello@creativemindshq.com.

    Deadline: Friday 14 November 2014.

    Posted by: Tess McCabe
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    Creative collaborations: Trish Chong and Rhonda Mason from Life:Captured Workshops


    By Christina Atherton

    Through their Life:Captured workshops, Sydney-based creative duo Trish Chong and Rhonda (Ronnie) Mason hope to equip others with the skills and resources to document their lives in beautiful and creative ways. They teach both the technical and emotional aspects of documentary photography right through to editing and workflow, photo book design and layout, journalling, memory keeping systems, life albums, and general organisation of photos and memorabilia. Today I ask Ronnie and Trish about the paths that led them to this point.

    How did you meet?
    We met many moons ago at a mutual friend’s baby shower, and then on occasion at weddings in the years that followed. But we never really connected until the beginning of last year when our blogs led us to catch up with each other over coffee, and talk of family photography and memory-keeping workshops began. We were drawn to each other’s drive and passion for what we loved, and found the opportunities we had in front of us allowed us to work together in a fun and creative environment.



    What are your creative backgrounds?
    Trish: I’ve honestly never thought of myself as all too creative. In high school I enjoyed turning up the radio and figuring out maths and chemistry problems, and ended up choosing a combined law and finance degree because I had no idea what I wanted to do. Through university there came an opportunity to backpack around the world with friends and I brought an old film camera with me, a gift from my uncle who no longer had a use for it. Through those experiences, I developed a love for the medium of film and the joy of capturing people and places which has stuck with me ever since.

    Ronnie: My story is a little similar to Trish’s. I grew up thinking I would become a commercial accountant working for a big firm, and therefore ended up studying a combined law and accounting degree. From there I enrolled myself into a marketing graduate diploma and when I finished my studies, I worked from the ground up in a small marketing department for a large international organisation. As I took on more branding and creative responsibilities, I soon realised that my passion lay in graphic design. Through a number of intensive training courses, I learnt to use the Adobe Creative Suite design software pretty quickly and I was soon creating all our marketing materials in-house. When I quit work a couple of years later, I started up my own commercial design studio and ran that for seven years. Even though I no longer work for commercial clients, my love for graphic design remains and has carried over into my blogging and my memory-keeping endeavours.


    How did your collaboration on Life:Captured come about?
    As mothers, both of us realised how much each passing moment leaves behind as we travel through this world at the speed we now do. We were passionate about memory-keeping for ourselves, but also wanted to share this with others who may not have the same skills and experience as we do to make the whole journey enjoyable and easy to do. We both had a love for the tangible and wanted to teach others that it wasn’t really too hard to make beautiful keepsakes for themselves that they, and their loved ones, would treasure dearly now and in the years to come. It seemed only fitting that our combined skills of photography, organisation, and memory-keeping would be able to fill a niche that was not readily available in the current creative market.

    What roles do you each play in the business?
    Trish: Ronnie is definitely the organised one in the partnership and she handles most of the paperwork and record-keeping. We share the communication and correspondence and keep to our strengths through the teaching elements. My aim is to simplify the elements of manual photography, breaking down both technical and emotional components and putting it all into practice, with a live shoot of a family during the workshop itself. We later teach our participants how to edit these same images using Adobe Lightroom software and reference them again whilst mocking up an album or layout. Following the workshop, I try and have images ready for both our blogs as well as for our sponsors to use to say thank you for their generous contributions.

    Ronnie: Trish does a lot more than she’s giving herself credit for! She’s been liaising with most of our sponsors, and it was through her network and contacts that we were able to lock in RAW Space as the venue for our first two workshops. She also does all the photography work while I’m the one who works on the design of our marketing materials. Honestly, I love working with Trish’s images. I think her photography and my design style are a good match. At the workshops, I teach an intensive crash course in photo organisation using Adobe Lightroom; my goal is always to equip our attendees with the ability to catalogue their entire personal photo library – both past and present. I also give a talk about memory keeping outlining methods of memory keeping that I find to be meaningful and effective to give our attendees ideas to develop their own framework for memory keeping. To wrap up the day, I also run through my fundamental principles for graphic design in the context of creating photo books, and I teach a mini session in learning the basics of Adobe InDesign.

    Life captured

    Trish and Ronnie have recently launched their online portal, where they offer online classes to complement their Sydney-based workshops. See more at lifecapturedinc.com

    {Photos by Trish Chong}

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    Posted by: Tess McCabe
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