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    Terms & Conditions

    Okay – here we are, the Terms & Conditions, or ‘fine print’ of joining as a Member of CWC.

    • This website and The Circle Database is basically run entirely by me, Tess McCabe. It’s probably not perfect 100% of the time, so any constructive feedback is welcomed. Also, the CWC is not a large business with multiple staff working full time – again it’s basically just me, working on it not-even-part-time. Therefore there might be times where a technical issue takes a little while to be resolved (especially if it needs to be outsourced to the web developers).  But rest assured, I’m not the kind of person to take your money and run, so if you feel like you’re getting naught for your dollar, contact me (Tess) to discuss. I’m a nice person, we can work it out!
    • I won’t sell your personal details to any one else (I wouldn’t even know where to do that). I take your mailing address so I can post you out things related to being a Member (like a membership card!). Most correspondence will be via email.
    • I will try to promote The Circle Database to as many people as I can, especially people like stylists, publication editors, bloggers, retailers – the kinds of people who are looking to buy or promote your products and services. Not to mention other Members and the wider CWC community. So if you don’t want to be promoted in this way, you can join as a Member for all the other benefits, but you don’t have to set up a page in The Circle Database.
    • I have to reserve the right to delete/suspend pages in The Circle Database if I deem them inappropriate. I’m sure it won’t happen very often, and I’ll definitely contact you first to discuss what is uncool about your page. But basically we don’t want anything irrelevant in there because that just makes it annoying for people searching for a woman with specific skills/products.
    • You may have noticed that this is the Creative Women’s Circle website. It’s about promoting women and the creative work that they do. Thus, we will not be accepting The Circle Database entries from men. Guys – you’re still more than welcome to join the CWC, either as a Subscriber or Member and attend our events, listen to the podcasts, read the blog and articles. But The Circle Database is about promoting the creative work of women. Ladies please note, if your business is a partnership with a guy, that’s fine! As long as you’re an equal part of the creative direction and running of the business at all times. Own it. Have questions about this? Contact me.

    These T&Cs will be updated/added to over time.