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    Creative Women’s Circle at Anomaly 2016 Conference
    Run a Successful Creative Business

    Supporting women in creative industries is at our very core, and we’re super pleased to help encourage and promote women in design at the upcoming Anomaly 2016 Conference. Run by Billy Blue College of Design and AGDA, CWC will be presenting a panel exploring how to run a successful creative business.

    Graphic designer/publisher and CWC president Tess McCabe will chair the discussion that looks at all corners of the industry including fashion, architecture, graphic and interior design.

    We’ll delve into topics such as freelancing; starting a business; getting clients; hiring and managing staff; rates and getting paid; running a business alongside raising a family; and more.


    Architect Monique Woodward of WoodWoodWard Architecture, interior designer Camilla Molders of Camilla Molders Design and fashion/textile designer Anika Cook of The Gently Unfurling Sneak.

    Moderated by CWC president and graphic designer/publisher Tess McCabe.


    Melbourne Workshop
    Saturday 20 February
    Billy Blue College of Design
    595 Little Collins Street, Melbourne

    $40 AGDA members
    $40 Billy Blue & CATC Staff and Students
    $60 Public

    If you’d like to learn how to stand out in the creative market, tickets are available at here. 

    CWC-The-Resolutions-Project-titleWhen the New Year rolls in, many of us are quick to promise ourselves we’ll exercise more, spend less, prioritise time with friends and family, save for travel – but what about resolving to achieve our creative and business goals? Creative Women’s Circle, which supports, champions and connects women in creative industries, is here to help.

    Find out more about The Resolution Project.

    Sign up to the mailing list in your city to be invited to more events in 2016.