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    What makes a successful brand? Part II

    Jennifer Henderson is back this week with part two of her successful brand case studies. If you missed her first post, it’s right here.

    Hello again CWC ladies. I hope your week is off to a fab start! In today’s post, I am going to discuss one of my favouritelocal brands and why it is such a brilliant example of branding done beautifully.

    I left Perth for London in May 2005 and discovered Mozi on one of my annual trips home. I couldn’t resist the stunning packaging and beautiful design. So it was with delight, that when I returned to Australia from Zürich last year, that I discovered that Mozi had expanded their range so much and that there were Mozishops dotted around Melbourne. Shopping bliss for me!

    Melbourne girls Olivia and Camilla Tipler launched Mozi in August 2005 and have steadily grown ever since. Mozi is a great example of a brand which has been beautifully created, maintained, and is constantly evolving to stay fresh for their customers. For me it is a great inspiration of what can be achieved through dedication, hard work, passion and of course, creativity.

    So let’s take a look at how Camilla and Olivia have created such a successful brand.

    Their logo

    The Mozi logo is unique, visually descriptive of the brand’s style.

    MoziMini is a brand new collection of ridiculously cute baby goodies. The logo clearly communicates that it is forms a part of the Mozi brand, yet differentiates it simply by the word Mini. In branding terms, Mozi is the parent brand, and Mozi Mini is the child brand… pardon the pun!

    Their products

    Romper – Girl and Mon Amour lingerie bag

    Mozi products include homewares, baby wear, accessories and stationery. Camilla and Olivia release their products as collections. With collection names like “The Way To My Heart”, each collection has a distinct personality and aesthetic. Despite this, their entire offering has the signature Mozi style: vibrant colours combined with white used in distinct patterns and designs. These elements through their consistent use over the years have created the instantly recognisablyMozi look.

    The packaging

    Mon Amour quince and rose body lotion and Mozi Mini Body Lotion

    Although each of the above products is quite visually different, each feature the little red Mozi bird and logo. These two elements tie all of their products together and create brand consistency.

    The product photography

    Mon Amie quilt, Mon Coeur shower cap as featured in their product catalougue, Stunning photography of the new Mozi Mini range, featuring the romper for little boys, and the super cute hooded towel for girls, as modeled by Camilla’s little girl Agnes.

    The above pics are great examples of lifestyle shots of the Mozi range. The lighting, styling and adorable little models all contribute to creating engaging, beautiful shots.

    Lifestyle shots form an important ingredient to what makes a brand successful. It takes a brand from being just a product (or service) and gives it a stronger, more defined personality.

    The Mozi retail environment

    Product displays from their Hampton Store (thanks Jane for the fab pics!)

    A gorgeous display of their products in the city store.

    The Mozi retail experience supports their brand in a number of ways. Their colourful array of products are displayed in athoughtful way that makes you want to shop! Mozi’s retail manager, Jane, knows the importance of visual merchandising in-store, and combines vintage furniture, creative display techniques and accessories to complement and draw your attention to key Mozi products.

    The retail experience of a brand is not just the visual, it’s also how staff treat you. My experience has always been positive at Mozi. I was greeted warmly, asked if I needed help with anything, and when I said no, I was left to look and wander happily. This for me, is the perfect shopping experience… friendly and helpful, but not intrusive.

    As I have mentioned before, brand consistency is key. Even on items such as price stickers and newsletter registration forms, the Mozi brand is re-enforced. Every item of communication from Mozi is well designed and has the distinct Mozi look.


    The Mozi website clearly communicates the brand. It combines a lot of the major elements of the brand; the logo, little red birdy, lovely lifestyle shots and all of these elements combined communicate a feeling about owning a Mozi product. The site has a friendly tone of voice, is easy-to-use and takes the great retail experience and transforms it into the online space.

    In summary…
    Mozi is an inspirational example of what two Melbourne girls have achieved in 6 short years. Not only are their designs beautiful, their brand is consistent, yet kept fresh with each collection… Keeping customers like me, excited to see what is coming up for their next range!

    I think that we can learn a lot about branding from looking at successful companies such as Ikeaand Mozi:

    • Use your logo consistently
    • If you can afford to, trademark your logo (the CWC blog will have a separate blog post about trademarking soon) and make sure you’re not infringing on someone else’s copyright.
    • Create your visual signature… whether it’s through the materials you use, the colour palette or your style. Your collections should be unique, but your customers should know that it’s one of your pieces.
    • Whatever it is that you design or produce, package or tag your designs with your brand.
    • If you are selling in a retail, market or trade show environment, present your products in a way which you feel communicates your brand’s personality.
    • Invest in good photography, it’s worth it!
    • Invest time or money into the design of a good website or blog which communicates your brand’s personality.


    Thanks so much for your posts, Jennifer! Next week our guest blogger will be Kirsten Norton, sharing her thoughts and knowledge on the wide world of marketing.
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