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    At this past Saturday's CWC we were lucky enough to hear from 2 intelligent and creative women working to make design more 'green'.

    Our first speaker was Monique McNamara of Up & Up. Up & Up describes itself as a 'values-based brand communications consultancy', offering a values-based process which applies sustainable principles as a business driver.

    Above: An example of Up & Up's branding work; images from the 2009 Gertrude St Projection Festival, which Monique founded).

    Ahead of her time, Monique started Up & Up 12 years ago when the words 'sustainable' and 'green' were far from being buzzwords! She now works with a small team delivering successful and eco-friendly design solutions to some of Australia's biggest companies (and teaching them a thing or two about the benefits of green living along the way!).

    For those of you who couldn't attend, Monique had a few 'areas of consideration' to share when designing or planning print marketing material:

    - Size and format (could it be smaller and use less paper?)

    - Colour and inks (some inks and finishes make paper un-recyclable!)

    - Paper (is it FSC certified, post- or pre-consumer? Ask your printer!)

    - Proofing (can you proof on-screen to save printing and paper?)

    - Finishing (a die cut is better for the environment than a spot gloss!)

    - Transport (try to use local suppliers for less miles!)

    - Why print at all? Is an online campaign as effective?

    Considering these things at the outset of the design process will make a big impact on your marketing 'footprint'.

    Following on from some tea & bikkies, we welcomed Jessie Fairweather from Foundry to speak about her growing design business.

    Jessie spoke about her passion for creating clever, useful, and positive design products that enrich our culture
    and human experience. Post university, Jessie sought to experience life in studios who signed the First Things First Manifesto (more info here, here and here). It was inspiring to hear a designer approach her industry with such a clear vision and set of values.

    Above: products in Foundry's 'Tangent' and 'Measure' series'

    After her internships with internationally renowned studios Fabrica and Studio Dumbar, and building a small design studio of her own back home, Jessie decided to focus full-time on researching, developing, designing and marketing her line of paper products, including 'Measure' and 'Tangent'. She spoke of the challenges she faced at each stage, and the positive support she received from organisations such as the ADU (via their Springboard project). Jessie mused that her decision to focus full time on her products rather than her design studio was about making her business and it's products the best it can be, by giving it her full attention, and gaining a better work/life balance in the process.

    Both our speakers on Saturday reinforced the notion that every decision we make in the design process is not without an impact to the environment and to the world at large - and yet we are all in business and the economics of our decisions should be considered.

    Lots of food for thought! Thankyou Jessie and Monique.

    Another great review of this event can be found at Femme de Montmatre - thanks Shelley!

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    Posted by: Tess McCabe
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    1. Shelley says:

      you are most welcome, hon! it was a great event, hope the safety in art project is a real success too. x