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    Back up your Blogger blog… right now!

    I'll echo Pip's tweets this week, that even though a Blogger meltdown is annoying, it is a free service and it doesn't happy very often at all! So hooray for Blogger, and hooray for the time we all probably spent with our non-computer based friends and interests while blog land was recuperating (I'm just kidding, I know everyone was just on Twitter and FB a bit more than usual :)).

    When I first heard Blogger-bust whispers, I quickly downloaded my blog template and all the posts that are archived here, just in case. You can do it too - it's easy!

    In your Blogger blog's Settings tab, under Basic at the top you'll see Export Blog. This is a very cool tool! When I recently redesigned the CWC blog, I exported all the posts from cwc-melbourne.blogspot.com, and imported them into this new template*. The archived posts kept their published date and all was well in the new blog space.

    It's a handy tool, especially if, for instance, you had two blogs that you wanted to combine into one... all the posts from both blogs would remain in their post-date order.

    So, theoretically, you can 'back up' all your blog posts by periodically exporting the xml file and saving it onto your hard drive by following the steps above.

    Same goes for your template (a.k.a. the basic structure of your blog... header sizes, font colours, column layout etc).

    Under your blog's Design tab, click Edit HTML and you'll see Back up/Restore template. Download full template and save it to your hard drive.

    Now, please note, not all of this is fail safe. If Blogger did go down in a massive way and your blog was not able to be retrieved at all, by having these two back up files, you'll at least be up the creek WITH a paddle and possibly some kind of speedboat motor.

    Good luck and happy blogging!

    *I didn't have to do it that way, but there was a weird formatting issue with the blogspot that I couldn't get around... so I made a brand new blogspot space and imported all posts.

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    Posted by: Tess McCabe
    Categories: Advice and Tips | Comments Off on Back up your Blogger blog… right now!

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