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    Brenda Mangalore, Visual Artist

    Brenda Mangalore
    Visual Artist (my business card says: artist, designer, doodler, dreamer, durian lover and Jelly’s mum)
    Sashé Studio

    What is your professional or training background? 
    I completed a Bachelor of Design and worked professionally as a graphic designer (at a major card company in-house) for four years. So I love beautiful design and nurtured my love of details & colour. In mid-2010, I left with those design skills & a burning desire to paint and started Sashe Studio.

    What do you make, create or do?
    I paint colourful abstracts full of layers and details. My work is created intuitively and inspired by our inner landscape – emotions & memories.

    I also doodle drawings in silhouettes of inspiring words & powerful quotes, just ‘cos I didn’t want to leave typography behind with my design career and I can’t imagine not doodling.

    What other creative areas would you like to explore as a side-project to your current work, or move into full-time?
    I would like to continue honing my skills in painting abstracts – to keep filling up my visual mind-library with more travel, reading & experiences. I would love to collaborate & learn more about interior design + decoration. My paintings go on walls. Walls means spaces, which means it would be fabulous to help art collectors to not only have great art on their walls, but create a complete environment that inspires and speaks to them the way a single painting does. Textiles is also a growing interest, especially textiles in the home.

    I am also feeling the beginnings of inspiration to explore ceramics one day & I would love some more time to spend with my polaroid cameras too.

    As a side project (that may become BIG): The world of surface pattern design & licensing seems enticing. It would partner well with my paintings — all about colour & details!

    What skills do you have that help you run your business, or what skills would you like to develop?
    Having worked in an in-house studio, I have learnt about commercial value vs ‘designer-heart’ value. The business mind needed for the company to make a profit while also creating great design & quality products. I’ve learnt to appreciate the value of marketing and the importance of communicating clearly to the needs of the customer. So even though fine art has the stereotype of being all about the craft, I am able to embrace the business side of it in order to successfully pursue my goals without too much angst about ‘selling out.’

    Having said that, I would still love to surround myself with great business consultants, a dream accountant and legal advice as I still struggle with spreadsheets, numbers and all the operational sides of a business. I’m also a little shy, so I strive to work on my salesmanship & learn more about marketing strategies constantly.

    List five people, businesses or websites/blogs that keep you motivated and inspired, and why? 

    Naomi Dunford of Ittybiz:
    Naomi has a bold, colourful personality and she never fails to provide very useful marketing advice, especially for micro-businesses (solopreneur) which I like to see myself as. I am inspired to keep going because she fearlessly shares both her successes & her failures. She doesn’t just share stories but also specific learnings and makes it easy to understand how to apply it to your little biz

    Design Files:
    I love checking out all the amazing interiors and Lucy & her team always manages to find such gorgeous shops, people & products! I love that it’s local so it doesn’t feel so out of reach.

    Kelly Rae Roberts:
    Kelly’s inspiring story of pursuing her artistic dreams and being a possibilitarian was the encouragement that sparked my journey to pursue painting full-time. I love reading her blog; it’s personal and brave. It inspires me because sometimes I feel like I’m reading the diary of my future self as she pursues and fulfils her goals.

    Marie Forleo:
    Marie is a business coach who gives very practical advice (l Iove her Q&A Tuesday videos) in marketing, business & life. She embraces her bold personality and challenges you to dream as big as possible and pursue them.

    Jessica Hische:
    Jessica is my letterer/typography superhero. I love her aesthetic and love looking at her lettering projects. She creates great illustrations & design work too along with side projects that are also fun AND useful. Her blog isn’t all that regular but when she posts it’s always gorgeous, entertaining or a pretty interesting read.

    Contact Brenda via brenda/at/sashestudio.com

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