By Emma Clark Gratton

Newcastle photographer Hannah Rose is winning awards and accolades for her stunning documentary, editorial and lifestyle photography. Her series 'The Empire' captured the bond between a group of homeless men in her hometown, while her 'Last Nomad' photographic essay captured her expedition by horseback across the wild of Mongolia. You can find more about Hannah at her website or follow her stunning images on Instagram.

What drew you to becoming a photographer, and to doing what you’re doing today?

I love adventures. Photography seemed like a good way to have lots of adventures. As a kid I was addicted to National Geographic magazines. I wanted to know the planet and it’s inhabitants- the images sparked an intense desire to travel and discover. That was where my curiosity for photography started, I wanted to document adventures and moments of the world.

Can you give us a little insight into your creative process?

I have a journal with me all the time and I write and draw the things I am seeing, feeling, experiencing.  Anything and everything. I have lots of things to work with in the pages of my journals. My mood and headspace, and what I am going through at certain time of my life influences my work too. I see things in nature, in books, a person's face and it might spark an idea so I make sure I write it down and I draw on all this with my work. I have an overactive imagination and daydream probably way too much!

Who is your typical customer/client?

I don't really have a typical client, but a common thread in the clients that seek me out is the storytelling element of my work. That is something I hear a lot and it tends to reference my personal documentary work, they want that element of narrative applied to their project whether its editorial, fashion, portraiture etc...

What does a typical day involve for you?

Not sure I ever have a typical day but typical things you will find in my days would be shooting, emails, quoting, invoicing , retouching, meetings, riding my horse and planning travel and projects.

What has been your proudest career achievement to date?

I have a bio on my website that will tell you about those things but if I think about this question and don't make it about awards or exhibitions and the like, then I do have a story. I was shooting a campaign and we were photographing  older women. All of these women were real women and they all were so shy and worried about having their picture taken. A lot of them said things like "I'm so ugly" Or "I'm too old and wrinkly". We did their hair and makeup, we had champagne and cheeses. We made a real fuss of them. I worked with each of them in a studio portrait session and talked them through their worries. When I showed them the pictures, there were many tears.  "I look beautiful, we all look beautiful" was the response. I was proud to be a part of that exchange.

What's the best piece of advice you've been given?

Shoot what you love.

What are your plans for the future?

I have some collaborative works planned, working with incredible artists and designers. I also hope to start shooting a project which I am currently researching. It’s still under wraps but basically the story looks at the bonds of a unique human/animal relationship in Australia, and the controversy surrounding it. Hoping to get back to Iceland and finish the project I started last year working with Icelandic horses and just create great work for great people.

What do you see as a benefit of being a CWC member?

Connecting with other women who are working in creative fields. It's nice to be part of a tribe and be inspired by all the great things these women are doing.