Adriana Christianson, Ceramic Artist

Adriana Christianson
Ceramic Artist

What is your professional or training background?
I trained at Prahran College of Advanced Education, Diploma of Fine Art(major Ceramics). Completed all but 3 subjects so missed out on the actual qualifications (hey, I was 20!)

What do you make, create or do?
I make highly decorative functional ceramics,mainly wheel thrown.I totally go over the top with decoration, cannot help myself. Every time I try to produce work that is a 'simpler' version-its ridiculous... not simple at all,embellished and tweaked!

What other creative areas would you like to explore as a side-project to your current work, or move into full-time?
I would LOVE to have the time and funds to develop my painting/drawing! At the moment its limited to whenever I can squeeze it in! I haven't had a chance to really explore or expand it.

What skills do you have that help you run your business, or what skills would you like to develop?
I think iI have great people skills, love a chat/network. Love writing my blog and encouraging others in their creative endeavours. Some kind of a plan for where my work is going, which way to jump? A mentor would be great!!

List five people, businesses or websites/blogs that keep you motivated and inspired, and why?
Lucy Feagins/The Design Files... always amazing beautiful work to inspire and drool over! And SO consistent!

Meet Me @ Mikes/Pip Lincolne ... Always has really original work to inspire,and I always feel that Im just having a chat with her.

Whitney Smith- ... Whitney is an American Potter who does good blog!She writes about the good/bad and ugly of running a successful ceramics business,is super motivated but also very REAL! Writes these hilarious rants sometimes about whatever is pissing her off.. .really gets it off her chest, and I can totally relate!

Craft Victoria- Because it so innovative,and supportive to makers/members.

All my ceramics/clay-loving buddies ...makes working in a studio alone, not so lonely!! We compare everything, bounce off each other, whinge. Most of all I'm inspired by all their hard work and tenacity in overcoming technical problems and just surviving as an Artist and supporting each other.

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