The Little Black Dress Project by Cheryl Lin

CWC-Member Cheryl Lin (who you may know from her Melbourne streetstyle blog Business Chic) is currently holding a Pozible campaign to raise funds for her very first book! 8kp1QvMhRv3A47db_B406vHlZtgFDn6hZIWDPjGwj6U

Throughout 2012, Cheryl challenged herself to wear an 'LBD' to work once a week for the whole year, styled differently each time. She employed accessories (many made by local designers), some DIY additions (instructions of which are included in the book!), and of course dressed according to seasons and sometimes even local cultural events.

The LBD Project Book goes to prove that even in a corporate office environment there are always ways to express yourself creatively, and on a larger scale, one need not have 260 seperate outfits to wear to work in a year: less if always more!


Illustrations by Angie Rehe

QGm1Q5urZ21Z9s5HroaMYdC866OaF1M1UZysauiCe8Q Examples of some of the outfit creations in The Little Black Dress Project by Cheryl Lin. Photography by Meagan Harding and creative design by Jim Petroutsos of C*Juice Studio.

Cheryl has had the book designed & photographed in Australia (it features contributions by by Meagan Harding and fashion illustration by Angie Rehe), and hopes to publish it locally as well.

She hopes that the Pozible campaign will reach its target to raise $5,000 in two weeks to help fund the cost of printing locally. Supporters will be able to elect to receive their physical book by mail or pick up from the LBD Project exhibition that will be held at Melbourne Central in March 2013 as part of the L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

Go here to learn more about the book and support Cheryl's project!