Weekly round-up: Interesting finds from around the web this week


From Broadsheet: An 'Anonymous' entry system paves the way for young and emerging interiors/architectural designers and creatives to submit their concepts for the Flinders Street Station Design CompetitionPlease someone suggest some kind of awesome upgrade to the women's restrooms so they don't feel so much like prison!? :) (Image above from here).

An insight into using Facebook as a blogging platform. (via @busichic).

Loads of great insights into the world of blogging, social media and design are coming out on line now that Alt Summit (which I mentioned last week) is over. I was going to post a bunch of links to various bloggers' recarps, but then Clare from Women in Business beat me to it - she has a great-round up on her blog so head on over there!

Inside an Inside Out Magazine printing press check. (via @camillamolders)

Have a great weekend all... and look out next week for news about our new blog contributors. Yay! Tess x