Want to contribute to our next book? A call for submissions.

OI_call-for-submissions530 Updated 31 October!

As you may have heard, our sister-company Creative Minds Publishing and Tess McCabe are currently developing a book with lawyer (and former CWC speaker) Sharon Givoni called Owning It: A Creative's Guide to Copyright, Contracts and the Law.

We are now looking for images and quotes from the Australian creative community to pepper throughout its pages, so if you fit the following criteria – we’d love to hear from you!

Please have a read through this list to see specifically who and what we are after - and feel free to forward this onto your friends and colleagues (male or female!). If you tick one of these boxes please contact Tess via the email address at the bottom of this post and we'll get back to you! The deadline is Friday 14 November 2014.


  • You have a photograph that was taken in a public place that required a permit.
  • You have an amazing photo that you want to show off.
  • You are a wedding photographer who has clients agree to certain terms or conditions or sign a contract before their photo shoot.

Graphic designers, creative agencies and Illustrators

  • You have created an advertisement that has adhered to a standard or voluntary code of conduct.
  • You are a graphic designer and have portfolio examples of a branding and collateral project you’d like to show off.
  • You keep drafts of your original illustrations (paper or digital) that show when they were created.

Makers and craftspeople

  • Your products are made in Australia and customers can find out more about the makers on your website.
  • Your products are made overseas and customers can find out more about the makers on your website.

Product designers

  • You are a product designer who has registered a design with IP Australia.
  • You have had a potential client sign a confidentiality agreement before showing them a new product or collection.

Tattoo artists

  • You have beautiful high-resolution images of your work that you’d like to show off.


  • You have beautiful high-resolutions images of your work that you’d like to show off.
  • You get clients to sign a contract outlining your terms and timelines for a project including building variations etc.

Fashion designers

  • You regularly use models in photo shoots and have them sign a model release.

Artists and galleries

  • You are an artist registered with VisCopy.
  • You are an artist who is registered or has received Resale Royalty Rights from a sale of your work.

Writers, poets, playwrights and publishers

  • You are a playwright or poet who has had works published or performed.
  • You have written and published an eBook.
  • You are a writer/journalist registered with Copyright Agency Limited (CAL).


  • You are a musician or band who has licensed a song, signed a recording contract or who has a publishing deal.
  • You are a performing musician who has professional images of yourself on stage.
  • You have remixed or sampled another musicians work with their permission.
  • You are a musician who is registered with APRA|AMCOS to receive royalties.

Retailers and galleries

  • You are a retailer or yoga instructor and you pay APRA|AMCOS license fees to play music in your shop/studio.
  • You sell artwork or products by other people on consignment, and have some kind of basic terms that outline when consignment $ are paid.
  • You are a gallery that assists artists with receiving Resale Royalty Rights.

Film makers and animators

  • You are a film maker (director/producer) who has professional images of ‘behind the scenes’ of a film set.
  • You are an animator who has made an animated film or short film.

Business owners, sole traders, creative professionals

  • You have a social media policy in place for your employees.
  • You have a partnership contract in place in your creative business.

{Note that all contributions will be shown in a completely positive light, and while we unfortunately cannot afford to pay for contributions, all contributors whose work ends up in the book will be fully credited and receive a discount on the book’s sale price once it is released next year.}

Questions and expressions of interest in contributing can be directed to Tess McCabe at hello@creativemindshq.com.

Deadline: Friday 14 November 2014.