The Design Files Open House starts today - Yay!

If you read this blog, it's likely you already know full well about this event (which opened its doors to the public just moments ago!). The Design Files is consistently listed as an inspiration source to many of the women we profile and interview at the CWC - and with good reason. Editor/founder Lucy Feagins (who we interviewed for our book last year) serves up the freshest designery goodness to us each morning (without fail - she  has barely taken a week day off since she started!), and in 2012 she has really stepped it up in terms of creating original design content in the blogosphere. Have you noticed how so much of her imagery is custom-shot for the website? That's impressive in itself.

Anyway, around this time last year, Lucy partnered with another hard working creative lady - Esther Navarro-Orejon of The Project Agency - to curate a 4-day shopping event known as The Design Files Open House. Essentially Lucy gathered together many of Melbourne and Australia's best products, artwork and furniture and displayed them under one roof (haha), open to the public to buy and behold. The event was such a success that this year Esther & Lucy they have sourced a new location (south-side this time) and the shopping starts today!

So please visit The Design Files Open House in Windsor if you can (from today until Sunday 5pm) and support the local maker's and artisan's works housed inside. You won't be disappointed!

And thanks Lucy & Esther for creating this inspiring and exciting Melbourne event!