The 'Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover' SALE

As I've mentioned before, we're running low on copies of Conversations with Creative Women. In fact, we're technically sold out. That's because we're sold out of the individually numbered, in-mint-condition copies of the book (though our Melbourne stockists still have a few of these!).

What is left at the CWC online store are a few dozen un-numbered slightly-imperfect copies.

See, when the book was printed, we opted to order slightly more than 600 copies to account for those where maybe the covers were a bit scuffed from being at the bottom of the box during delivery, or their edges were battered. This meant the 600 numbered versions were the best ones.

But we don't want to throw these few dozen books with slightly imperfect covers away - they're still perfectly readable! So we're have a 'fire sale' of sorts... and offering these copies at 50% the original price!

In the interest of full disclosure, here's some examples of the worst affected copies of the book (note, these are all different copies!):


But most of them just have a scuff mark or two, like this:

Note that any 'damage' is to the cover only - all the internals of the book are still in excellent condition!

The damaged copy sale price is $22.00 AUD plus shipping. That's 50% off the original RRP!

Purchase a sale stock copy here.