New eBook: Graphic Design Speak - General advice, technical tips and jargon defined for non-graphic designers

by Tess McCabe It's finally done. If you follow me (Tess McCabe / @tessmccabe) on Instagram you might have seen glimpses of a project I've been working on lately. I'm really thrilled to finally reveal it here: my new eBook Graphic Design Speak.


Graphic Design Speak is about giving non-graphic-designers a working knowledge of the words and concepts graphic designers commonly use, without explaining the history of graphic design or going overboard with the technical talk.

As a graphic designer, this information is well known to me - but I recognise it's extremely important and useful for non-graphic-designers (meaning makers, interior designers, publicists, writers, musicians, bloggers, performers... anyone in a creative role themselves or who works with a graphic designer) to know as well.


The 27-page eBook explains:

  • Basic colour terms like Pantone, CMYK, RGB and what they mean
  • Common file types and where you use them (a.k.a. Why can't my printer just get my logo from my website and put it on my business card?)
  • How to distinguish a high-resolution image from a low-resolution one (a.k.a. A journalist has asked for a high-resolution image for a story about me, but how do I know which one of these image files to send?!)
  • The standard paper and envelope sizes
  • Facts about fonts 
  • And over 85 common words and phrases us graphic designers throw around willy nilly.

Those multiple back-and-forth emails with your techy-nerd friend or frantic late-night forum-reading can be avoided with this helpful little handbook! And you will feel empowered with knowledge and enjoy a better working relationship with graphic design professionals as a result.

The book is available to download for the extremely reasonable cost of $11.00 only at our online shop. AND Included is a low-ink-use black and white version for printing at home, if you prefer the paper kind of reference tool.

I hope you find it useful!