What’s new in Social Media: eQuip yourself

By Ellison Bloomfield It can be very loud in the world of social media and Twitter is probably one of the loudest platforms around. Your Twitter stream is often full of people having conversations but it can be hard to work out where they started or even what is being talked about.

A new app for iPad is seeking to make it easier to manage conversations on Twitter by allowing you to delve further into the conversation and see where it began. The app called Quip was released just a few days ago and has a number of great features which makes it simple to navigate and use.

By holding down on an avatar you can see whether there have been any replies to a tweet and follow the whole conversation, or if the tweet you tap on is a reply you can see where the conversation started.

If you often feel like you're overhearing a snippet of a conversation but don't know the context for it, or left wondering what's going on, Quip can help you burrow in and find out the full story.

Quip isn't just about the conversation though - there are a couple of fantastic features that apps like this have been lacking, such as the timeline ticker at the side of the screen.

By tapping on the right hand side of the screen you get a timeline which allows you to scroll through the history of your Twitter stream. This is particularly useful if there is something specific you're looking for or if you've scrolled down and want to jump back up to the top quickly.

The photo view is also fantastic allowing you to see easily what the people you're following are sharing in a simple clutter free interface.

At 99 cents Quip is cheaper than a number of the more popular Twitter apps, but far more engaging and quite a bit easier on the eye.

Ellison Bloomfield is a Senior Analyst in Social Media at Deloitte. Her blog – Humane Resource has received world-wide attention and Ellison is frequently quoted as a thought leader on HR issues both within Australian and international publications. She can be found on twitter @EllisonAmy