Featured Member Interview: Jessica Hyde

By Roslyn Russell Are you looking for those perfect wedding invitations, a print to brighten up your space, or a custom illustration for your event or business? Look no further and please welcome Jessica Hyde from truth.be.told as today's featured member on the CWC blog.

What do you create?

I create a range of stationery products based on my illustrations for my little label truth.be.told. I also do some freelance illustration and design work including designing custom wedding and event invitations for a bunch of sweet couples. In my spare time I write about my work and all manner of other things over on my blog truthbetold.

Have you done training in your creative field or has it come about informally? It has all come about sort of organically. I didn’t train as a graphic designer or illustrator, at university I studied Architecture, which gave me a great appreciation of design and the context we create in. While studying I was really fortunate to have a lecturer who really encouraged us to explore presentation styles and create by hand. Over time I realised that I loved this presentation side of things more than anything that would be a part of the reality of being an architect. When I finished my degree I knew that I didn’t want to be an architect, but I also knew that I loved drawing and designing. So in my spare time I started illustrating and making pieces for my friends which over time developed into starting truthbetold, designing my own stationery range and designing for others.

What are your main creative inspirations? For me it is more a case of what am I not inspired by, I think it stems from my short attention span! I collect a lot of old books - atlases, pattern books, fashion, advertising, architecture, photography - that I constantly flick through for inspiration. I also love old movies and movie posters from the 40‘s and 50‘s. I really love reading about what other people are doing and their practices, I find it really drives me to keep going when I am not feeling motivated.

How do you balance your creative projects with the administration aspect of creative work? I definitely struggle to balance the business and creative sides, I would much rather be designing than writing invoices. I also work full time in architecture so everything for truthbetold has to fit in around those hours which is an extra challenge. I write a lot of lists and have found writing a weekly, monthly and quarterly plan helps me keep up to date with the administration and stops me from over committing myself.

I am also an early riser so I’ve found spending an hour before work dealing with any administration means I am more productive and focused when I come home from my day job and start my own work. I guess I don’t sleep a lot, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What do you do when you experience a creative block? My creative blocks are almost always a result of being overwhelmed by ideas or having too many things on my plate. I will usually take a break and spend an hour on a different project or just spend some time drawing something unrelated. I also find that just taking a break and doing something unrelated helps me unconsciously slow down my thoughts and focus. I can’t tell you how many times I have solved a design problem while watching a movie!

What future goals do you have for your creative pursuits?

Ideally I would love to be doing this full time one day but that is a long term goal. Shorter term, I am hoping to create more opportunities to design for events such as weddings. I am currently developing a new range of products for events, as well as new designs for the stationery ranges.

I also want to continue the custom design and illustration side of the business. I would also love to extend this into event styling or visual merchandising possibly.

My main goal is just to keep working with great people on interesting projects because I really love designing something special for them, nothing makes me happier.

Thanks for sharing your creativity here today Jess! You can find out more about Jess and truth.be.told via the links below.

Roslyn Russell is a sewist, blogger and teacher. Her blog, Sew Delicious, is where she showcases her latest projects, designs and sewing tutorials.  Roslyn also enjoys cake baking and decorating, exploring Melbourne cafes and restaurants, and hunting through op-shops for vintage sewing and kitchen treasures.