Introducing Martina to the team

I feel awfully slack to only now introduce you all to Martina Gemmola, who joined the CWC team as my event coordination assistant earlier this year. She's been a fantastic helping hand at our last two events, taking on many of the random tasks associated with pulling an event together with aplomb (not to mention baking some amazing treats for us all to share while catching up after wards!) martina-gemmola-1Martina is a freelance photographer by day, and has spent manyyears working and travelling through the US and Europe, gathering experiences and imagery from all over the world. After realising that Melbourne would always be home, she has embedded herself into the local creative community. When she is not shooting gorgeous spaces or spirited people, she is poring over design publications and dreaming of what's next. At times wearing many hats, she has a background in production and project management, keen barista skills and a serious passion for anything food and travel related.



In addition, Martina has a passion for helping fellow creative ladies in their business ventures, so if you find yourself in need of product or portfolio photography... she is highly recommended!

See more of her work at, on The Circle Database, or revisit her featured profile on the blog in 2011.