3 ways to make your Instagram feed POP!

CWCig By Susan Goodwin

Instagram is such a fun and visual way to share sneak peaks into your work and life. But it can get kind of same same if you always take the same type of picture (morning tea, your shoes) and use the same filters.


So here are three ways to mix it up a bit and make your Instagram feed POP!

Try out Instagram video! Find a process you do all the time in your work: it could be priming a canvas, stretching out an embroidered piece, sketching your ideas and make a little video. People love a 'behind the scenes' or glimpse into the creative process.

Tip: If you turn the sound off on your phone, it will help eliminate that bad muffled sound that you often hear on Instagram videos.

Don't have a steady hand and your videos are looking a little bit more Blair witch project than you'd like? A tripod will help maintain a steady shot on any kind of surface. There are lots of smart phone tripods out there (google it!) and even some handy DIY options!


Get some new photo filters If you aren't ready for video then perhaps it's just a matter of making your regular photos a bit more interesting? There are loads of free and low-cost apps out there to make your photos a little more interesting by adding text, compiling images into a collage and more.

I recommend:

  • Muzy for photo editing, collages, and more
  • Insta picframes, another option for photo collages & picture frames

Add some text

Followers will always be drawn to photos that contain text - it's just the way the human brain works. Luckily there are some lovely apps out there that assist you to add text to your images in beautiful fonts, with just a couple of clicks.


  • A Beautiful Mess for adding hand drawn borders and text
  • Piclab for dreamy filters and bold contemporary text

Filters, compilations and text can all add a bit more dimension and interest to your photos. There are thousands more photo editing smartphone apps available, it's just a matter of finding the right ones for you.

And one last thing!

For those of you who have a Wordpress blog or website, don't let your Instagram photos stay inside Instagram. Try:

  • Simply Instagram For importing the pics into your sidebar
  • DsgnWrks Instagram importer for making your pics into blog posts
  • IFTTT also has a myriad of recipes that can turn your Instagram feed into so much more.

So get snapping and make your Instagram feed POP!


Susan Goodwin is the designer, sewer and creator of Rocket Fuel, ensuring you are decked out in style while cycling. Read her blog or follow her on Twitter @rocketfuelstyle.