Meet the CWC Board!

If you've been following CWC in 2015, you may have heard we've made a few big, exciting changes behind the scenes. In July, Creative Women's Circle became an official non-profit national association, complete with a governing Board and committee of over a dozen ladies representing a multitude of creative industries and professional passions. These women all volunteer their time, effort and expertise to make CWC an organisation that supports, champions and connects women in creative industries across Australia.

The first year of any association is one of laying the groundwork (read: getting all the administration side of the setup sorted... a long and arduous process!) ahead of our first Annual General Meeting (AGM) in mid-2016. But alongside the boring paperwork stuff, we're also busy identifying the Board's roles and processes, and developing an overarching mission statement and strategy for CWC that will make it as impactful as it can be for you as Members, and the wider community in general.

But who are the hardworking ladies dedicating their time and brains to the cause? Well, today I'd like to introduce the first Board of Creative Women's Circle to you all...


First row, L-R Tess McCabe, President Martina Gemmola, Vice-President Yasmin Naghavi, Secretary Shannon Rowe, Treasurer

Second row L-R Phoebe Miller, Membership Manager Julia May, Marketing, Strategy and Ideas Manager Rachel Bucknall, Events Host Manager Zelda Tupicoff, Website Manager

Third row L-R Annette Wagner, Social Media Manager Bec Mackey, Partnerships Manager Emma Clark Gratton, Blog Editor Madeleine Dore, Melbourne Events Manager

Fourth Row L-R Diana Scully, Melbourne events team Yvonne Meng, Melbourne events team Felicia Semple, Melbourne events team

Visit our Board page to read more about each of their roles and the professional backgrounds of these excellent women! And why not say hi at our next Melbourne event, or via their social media pages? We'd love to hear from you so CWC can be THE organisation that supports, champions and connects creative women across the country now and well into the future.