Behind the scenes of our promo photoshoot

Well, it's done. The book is off to the printer. Now, we wait! I thought today I'd share some behind-the-scenes images from the photo shoot Martina and I did in August for the book's promotional imagery.

It was such a fun, yet challenging, shoot. After dreaming up the idea for the images and putting together some rudimentary Photoshop mock-ups, I approached Brunswick floral designers Cecilia Fox to supply the lovely blooms. I trusted Melanie at Cecilia Fox to choose a range of beautiful flowers and blossoms (16 in total, one to represent each of the book's interviewees!) but of course we wouldn't know until the morning of the photo shoot what exactly would be delivered!


In addition, what you may or may not have realised, is that we didn't actually have a copy of the printed book to photograph! Instead I had a blank book made up, and the cover design was digitally inserted in Photoshop after the fact. So while the idea was fully formed (and looked great) in my head, and the shoot was meticulously planned, there was still an element of doubt as to whether the images would come off as hoped.


The photo shoot location was the gorgeous Lightdrop Studios in Kensington's Young Husband building. Melanie, of course, came through with some fantastic options, fresh from the flower market that morning. And while Martina got to work setting up all the professional photography gear needed to get the lighting just right, I started preparing and styling the blank book and the flowers.





Again, the inside spreads of the book were also shot blank and inserted after the fact.


I'm pleased to say that the final photos - retouched slightly and with the book graphics added in - looked better than I could have ever imagined... AND my usual spring-flower hayfever stayed in check ;)




Thanks Martina & Melanie for your help!

All photos above (except for the first one) by Martina Gemmola.. Poster design by me.