Scenes From Sydney: A Creative Revolution?

By Jaclyn Carlson Melbourne has long been hailed as Australia's creative capitol, the epi-centre of all things cool and cultural but is that all about the change?  Recently Sydney seems to be undergoing a creative shift and a surplus of creative events, businesses and businesswomen seem to be popping up ready to give Melbourne a run for its money.

This past weekend while I was hosting a creative event of my own, I was talking to an interior architect who had recently made the move from Melbourne to Sydney. We explored this same topic and she agreed that Sydney certainly seemed to be embracing and encouraging collaboration in a completely new way. Women are reaching out to one another to not only collaborate in a business sense but also to fuel a creative fire in their personal lives. Below are a few stand out businesses and women that have popped onto our creative radar and you might just want to keep an eye on them:


Alphabet Family Journal. Founded by photographer Luisa Brimble this new creative venture is set to launch in just a few months and already the images and content have us inspired.

Finders Keepers Markets. This coming weekend they return to Sydney with their biggest showing yet - over 200 creative designers & businesses you won't want to miss.

FK-Syd-AW13-Web-New The Ooh Blog.  A new one to add to my daily reading list, this new blog just recently launched with an event called Start Up Salon, a meeting of online mavens - yes you'll want to watch this space to see what they come up with in the months to come!


What do you have to say about Sydney's creative revolution?


{ Tess' note } This seems as good a time as any to let all you Sydneysiders know that CWC is planning its second Sydney event on Saturday 27 July! Mark your diaries, and more details will be announced in the coming weeks...

Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Jaclyn Carlson is the author behind the Sydney-based blog, Little Paper Trees. When not documenting her expat adventures, she can be found working for one of Australia’s top design & homewares trade shows. Passionate and prone to wasting hours on Pinterest, she has years of experience in marketing, advertising and PR and aims to put Sydney’s creative women in the spotlight with her monthly column.