Vote for the future of CWC


As you may well know, Creative Women’s Circle (CWC) has been independently run for over 10 years, the majority of that time by myself, Tess McCabe, with the assistance of a host of talented creative women across Australia contributing to the running of our events and blog.

Over that time CWC’s presence and importance to the Australian creative community has grown, as has its official Membership database.

Now, to ensure the sustainability of CWC and its continued growth into the future, the time is right for the structure of CWC to change from a largely ‘one-woman’-run micro-business, to a registered incorporated association.

What does that mean for CWC?

An incorporated association structure will allow Members to be more involved in the future direction of CWC and how it can best serve their needs via our events, website, Member services and more. Profits from CWC will continue to go back into the organisation to fund it, and the association structure will also make CWC better placed to apply for funding for special programs and projects to benefit Members.

Who will run CWC?

The association will utilise the skills, experience and enthusiasm of a Board of dedicated creative women to steer CWC into the future. This Board will ensure the sustainability of CWC as an entity that serves its Members and the creative community as a whole. All current CWC Members will have the opportunity to volunteer to be a board member once the registration and incorporation process is complete.

What can I do to help?

To start this exciting new chapter, we are asking all current CWC Members to vote to incorporate CWC. With the majority of you supporting this decision we can begin the formal process of becoming a registered non-profit association.

Please review the proposed ‘model rules’* of the association, LOG IN, and cast your vote to incorporate CWC here. (Votes are due by 18 June 2015. VOTING HAS NOW CLOSED - THANK YOU!)

Thanks for your support as we take this big step together!

Tess McCabe

P.S. If you're not currently a Member but would like to vote, you can join here.

*The Model Rules are a standard set of guidelines for registered associations, set out by Consumer Affairs Victoria. Questions can be directed to, or you can find out more at