New website feature: Member-run Events page

hotchoccy01Our Full Members are a prolific bunch, and while I'd love to promote every exhibition, event, workshop, market stall and pop-up shop they are involved in, sometimes it's hard to keep up! And not only that, sometimes it's good to just have brief details of what is going on around town in one place. So in the interest of letting you know about some other non-CWC run events that will inspire and entertain, upcoming Member-run Events will be listed over here on their own special page.

The Member-run Events page will be updated monthly and can be found under the 'Events' menu tab at the top of the website.

If you're a Full Member and have a something to promote, look out for an email with more details about how to submit your event information to be displayed on the website later this week.

Image above from an upcoming Meet the Maker event at Shelley Panton Studio featuring Hot Choccy founders Sarah and Chris Appleford... more details over here!