New website, new features!

Hi! You may have noticed a few changes around here over the past week or two. Our new website is up... hurrah!

Visually, not much has changed - there's a bit of a menu-thing up the top there, and the sidebar has been snazzed up. Oh and as much as Blogger is a good ol' blogging platform, we're now over at Wordpress. This is all thanks to the lovely ladies at Contact Point, a Melbourne-based web development team who I've had the pleasure of working with regularly since 2008. They sure know their code.

What's new with the website

Well, for a while now I've seen the need for an online service that helps people find a creative woman to employ, collaborate with, promote, interview, write about, or engage for their creative services.

Also, I know not every creative has (or wants the expense of) a full-fledged website to showcase their work. Sometimes a gallery of images, a bio and contact details is all that is needed to illustrate to the wider (web) world what it is that you do, in a succinct way.

So, The Circle Database, a new feature on the CWC website is just that - a gallery of your work and information about how people can get in touch or find out more. It's neat and effective, and I'm looking forward to it being a way for all of you to connect with each other online and off.

A major benefit is that you don't have to be based in Melbourne to have your own page on the The Circle Database... it's open to any woman, anywhere!

Screenshots from my page on The Circle Database, showcasing my bio & examples of my work. You'll also see me pop up in the Featured Member box at left there... this feature will randomly display members from the database and link to that member's page.
How to get your own page on The Circle Database

A working, searchable database of creative goodness is a robust thing, and brings with it increased costs, both in time and in the technical nuts and bolts that make a website work. So, from today the CWC will be introducing three membership options: SubscriberFull Member and Non-member.

There are various benefits to each option (which you can find out about in more detail here), but you need to be a Full-Member to have your own page on The Circle Database.

Basically, up until this point, everyone who is signed up to the CWC mailing list has been a Subscriber. So if you're happy to stay with that option, I'm happy too. But if you want the benefits of Full Membership (including The Circle Database page, discounted event tickets, and access to podcasts & member-only articles), you'll need to purchase a membership.


You also have the option to set up your page under your business name instead of your name, if that suits you better.

Different membership costs

Twelve-month Full Memberships are $77.00 (incl. GST), but as a special introductory offer if you join before Sunday 25 March 2012, you will pay only $55.00!

That's right! To build up the database this month, we're offering discounted 12-month memberships at an 'early adopter' discount. So pop on over here, become a Full Member and you can start filling your Database entry with words and images right away. You'll also have access to our podcasts page, and when our first event is announced next Tuesday, you can purchase tickets at a discount.

Subscriber and non-members of the CWC remain free of charge! Again, to see all the benefits of each type of membership, visit the Join page.

That's all from me for now - any questions, contact me.

Thanks for all your support and enthusiasm for the CWC, and I look forward to keeping the good stuff coming in 2012. tess