Women In Art: An introduction

By Liz Banks-Anderson Hi everyone,

Welcome to the first Women In Art column 2013!  I’m excited to be writing it this year and will do my best to bring you some art-related gems.

Image credit: Artwork by Hollie Chastain

When I think about what ‘art’ is, I’m interested in the possibilities of a broad interpretation of the term. Personally, I think art is anything that has a strong aesthetic value that inspires people to think about the world differently and appreciate beauty, be it visual art like painting, illustration, photography or more abstractly, fashion, the written word and performance.

Art invites you to approach it directly and just be involved.

I hope this column can be a way of discovering new artists and getting to know more about the exciting art being created in Melbourne and share it with the Creative Womens Circle community.

If you would like to contribute to this conversation leave a comment or tweet me.

I’d love to hear what art means to you, what you’re interested in and what you would like to get out of this column.

Until next time…

Some women in art who inspire me:

  • Kirra Jamison
  • Mirka Moira
  • Jenny Kee
  • Kit Willow
  • Clare Bowditch
  • Kat Macleod
  • Emma Hack

Some great art and design related resources in the Digital Space!

Liz is a communications professional and freelance writer from Melbourne. She likes taking photographs, exploring the design world and has developed a great interest in all things art. Passionate about documenting and sharing the unique projects, people and possibilities in the creative community, Liz is excited by what lies ahead. Her own blog will be launched soon...in the meantime, she's happy being a twit.