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CWC mini-event @ Safety In Art

The CWC will hold a special event on Saturday 19 September at the Guildford Lane Gallery, as part of Safety in Art (enthusiastically organised by CWC-regular Kelly Gentle!).

S.I.A. is an opportunity for artists, designers and the like to meet each other, to create together and to be inspired to start new projects. From 11am-12 noon you’re invited to a casual group chat about small-business issues and experiences, and the opportunity for you to introduce/plug/share/promote your own work to the group.

Perhaps you want feedback on new designs, or maybe want suggestions on making your next business move, or have advice you think others will benefit from.

Come with questions and as a group we’ll try and find answers!

Please RSVP if you’d like to come along to this mini-event. And be sure to visit Catacomb for more info on Safety in Art!

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