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    Brooke Murphy of Tickets for Coco

    Brooke Murphy 

    Fashion Designer 
    Tickets for CoCo
    www.ticketsforcoco.com.au / www.ticketsforcoco.blogspot.com 
    What is your professional or training background? 
    Danni (my business partner and cousin) and I have no formal training, in fact i am a primary school teacher and Danni, a nanny. 
    What do you make, create or do? 
    We have designed a range of women's clothing, ethically produced and designed to fit real women with real bodies and a real sense of timeless style.
    What other creative areas would you like to explore as a side-project to your current work, or move into full-time?
    We would love to be able to run this business full time and aim to put on more wholesalers this.year as a step towards this. 
    What skills do you have that help you run your business, or what skills would you like to develop? 
    Danni is fabulous on the technical side of things with the website and has taught herself how to manage most of the graphic elements of the business. I have managed to get through the financial tasks and the marketing side of things. We both meet in the middle for the deign side of things.
    People, businesses or websites/blogs that keep you motivated and inspired, and why? 
    Magnolia Square is full of creative people that keep us inspired.

    Contact Brooke via brooke/at/ticketsforococo.com.au, or visit Tickets for CoCo at Magnolia Square in Melbourne this weekend!

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    Posted by: Tess McCabe
    Categories: Regular Columns | 1 Comment

    One Response to Brooke Murphy of Tickets for Coco

    1. Jaclyn says:

      brooke & danni are such talented (and not mention hilarious) ladies. love your work girls!x