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Nicole Tattersall

Nicole Tattersall
Artist/Illustrator/Graphic Designer/Other

What is your professional or training background?
There are so many sides to my life I’ve worked as a radio dj, roller skating rink dj, waitress, bar tender, lifeguard, swim teacher, children’s pool party co-ordinator, recpetionist, functions co-ordinator, graphic designer, fundraising and marketing co-ordinator, on-site promotional activation staff and manger, assistant tour manager and well I’m sure there has been other things. On top of all that I’ve been painting and illustrating for exhibitions and galleries since 2006.

I’ve studied a diploma in Events Management and have just embarked upon a Bachelor in Commerce (Marketing). Other than art and graphic design in High School I’m self taught. I did in 2009 take some art classes at a private art school for a term to brush up on my skills. I’ve been lucky to have great mentors around me which I feel are invaluable.

What do you make, create or do?
I’m most well known known for my stencil art, illustration and installation works. Which lend themselves to convey the context of the piece and the overall feel of the work through a selection of mixed mediums, from the innocence and creative minds of two children to the dirty look created to interpret the streets of a busy city. My style has changed several times throughout the years from simple outlines to her now exhibited urban inspired stencil and illustrative works. The use of stenciling as a technique came about when I wanted to start to customise my own surfboards.

I’ve translated my works into everyday items such as cards, badges, handpainted brooches, handpainted bags, stickers and more goodies.

What other creative areas would you like to explore as a side-project to your current work, or move into full-time?
My painting and illustrations are already in addition to working full-time and studying part-time, I think for me the question is what would I like to focus more on, and this at this stage I don’t quite yet know. Though since signing on with Art Boy Gallery in December 2010 and showing regularly at other galleries, I’ve enjoyed having an ongoing artist with gallery relationship.

What skills do you have that help you run your business, or what skills would you like to develop?
I need to learn to say ‘no’ a fellow artist told me he says ‘no’ to projects because he doesn’t want to disappoint if he can’t get them completed on time, I have this issue. On the upside I have passion, enthusiasm, commitment and enjoy what I do. My events management skills have proved invaluable when it comes to planing for exhibitions.

List five people, businesses or websites/blogs that keep you motivated and inspired, and why?
There are so many to list but where to start?

1. My commitment to animal rights and the environment has kept me motivated through working on pieces for WSPA, Clean Ocean and working on promotional material to inspire people to stand up to the slaughter of dolphins in what many will know of as ‘The Cove’. To me being able to give to causes I support through my art either by raising funds or promoting awareness is something I would encourage all creatives to do.
2. My mentors, though I think that they would blush if I mentioned their names, but I’ve few who come from different backgrounds and have been so very helpful when ever I’ve a had a question or query. 
3. Art Boy Gallery ( might be only recently new in my life but they already keep me motivated and provide wonderful constructive feedback, it’s great having a partnershp with someone that is so supportive.
4. Books! I love books! On recent trip to Europe I bought so many that we had to send them back home via different people an means. I love all sorts from poster collections, styles, of particular illustrators, reference books and children’s books. 
5. Swissmiss ( is one blog I can honestly say has been on my weekly reading list since I started reading blogs. Swissmiss is a design blog and studio run by Tina Roth Eisenberg.

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