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    Nic MacIsaac event notes

    Photo by Katie Preece – her gorgeous photography of the Paddington Magnolia Square market was the backdrop of Nic’s CWC presentation (view more here)

    Yesterday’s CWC event, featuring guest speaker Nic MacIsaac (founder of Magnolia Square), was a big success! There was a tonne of positive feedback received at the meet up and afterward via Twitter. Thanks to all who attended, joined in the discussion and of course a HUGE thanks to Nic for her honest and engaging presentation.

    For those who were unable to make it on the day, here are some of the words of wisdom I collected  from Nic:

    Don’t be scared to commercialise your creativity… we all need to make a living, and why not make money doing something you love?

    Be clear and upfront with yourself about the objectives of your creative business… does it make economic sense? If all you derive is creative satisfaction, are you okay with that?
    Take your business seriously and it is more likely to become a serious business.
    The way you present your products and business ‘brand’ has to be spot on – good graphic design and photography is essential, whether you are promoting yourself to customers or people who can help you build your profile (like market curators).

    Keep your products fresh and unique, and always innovate… As you start to develop a customer fan base and become known to market curators, they will want to see new things from you often.

    Have a point of difference if you decide to launch products that are currently ‘trendy’.
    Don’t measure the success of design/craft markets based on how much cash is in your pocket at the end of the day. Take into account that you’re marketing to a large number of niche customers… and take stock of the number of new mailing list subscribers, retailer/wholesaler interest and the possibility of visiting stylists or press/bloggers taking an interest in your work. Markets are also a great way to build a community and network of other makers and small business owners who can provide you with invaluable support and advice.

    Be proactive about building a customer baseHaving a mailing list or database of your customers and supporters from the beginning is crucial to developing loyalty and engaging with your target audience. Have an item that interested people can take with them, and use to find out more about you.

    Ask customers how they heard about you. It is a good way to measure the effectiveness of different advertising/promotion & PR streams.
    A website is as important as having a business card… but don’t feel you have to have a huge detailed site and spend a lot to make it happen – quality over quantity in terms of images and content.

    Did you come along to the talk on Saturday? Please share anything you learned or found enlightening with us!

    Posted by: Tess McCabe
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    1. B and D X says:

      Great info!