What is Creative Women’s Circle?
Creative Women’s Circle (CWC) is a national association designed to support, champion and connect women working in creative industries and running their own businesses.

We hold events, publish blogs, and maintain a Member database to inspire and engage with other creative women in the community and foster collaborative connections.

CWC events are held throughout the year at various locations around Australia.

How did Creative Women’s Circle start, and who organises it?
In late 2004, designer Dearne Mills brought together a small group of women working in creative industries and establishing small businesses, in order to share information, inspiration and ideas. Get-togethers were held every few months  and attendees enjoyed hearing the experiences of many Melbourne based creative women.

In early 2009, Tess McCabe (a regular CWC attendee) took over the organising of Creative Women’s Circle events, expanding its membership and online presence, and began publishing books for and about creative Australian women.

In 2015, Tess changed CWCs business structure to become a national incorporated association (non-profit), steered by a Board based in Melbourne.

How do I join CWC?
To find out about the benefits of Membership and join CWC visit the ‘Join’ page.

How do I renew or extend my CWC membership?
You can renew or extend your Membership term at any time (e.g. to take advantage of a giveaway or promotional special price) and 12 months access will be granted beyond the end-date of your current membership. Visit the join page to renew/extend your membership (tip: log in to your account first! Even if your membership has expired you will still be able to log in, but will have minimal access to special features until Membership is renewed).

I have signed up for Membership and I want to set up my page on The Circle Database – how do I do this?
There are some instructions about how to set up a page on The Circle Database on this page.

I’ve signed up & paid for Membership but I can’t log in to the website, or I am having other technical issues.
Please contact us and we will try and get that sorted for you ASAP!

Is there a cost to attend CWC events?
Most of the time, yes – tickets are able to be purchased online prior to each event.  Ticket prices vary according to your membership type.

I paid for a ticket but didn’t receive a paper/printable ticket… should I have?
You should receive email confirmation of your purchase but you may not be issued a paper ticket. In this case, your name will be added to a door list. Unsure if your payment went through? Contact us.

I’ve purchased a ticket to an event but can no longer attend. Can I get a refund or raincheck?
Unfortunately we can’t offer refunds or rainchecks on tickets. You can however sell or give your ticket to someone else. If you have a ticket available, contact us or tweet @_CWC and we’ll happily retweet to our followers.

When is the next CWC event?
Sign up to our mailing list to receive an email when the next even in your city is happening.

When will there be CWC events in my city?
In 2014 CWC expanded to hold events outside of Melbourne, with plans to expand to other cities and regional locations in the future. Check back on the blog or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to be alerted when a new city event is announced. If you’re interested in becoming an even host in your city/town, or assisting with existing events there, apply here.

How long do CWC events go for?
Most CWC events last for approximately two hours, including question-and-answer time with the invited speaker/panellists and general networking/socialising afterward.

Can I bring a friend to a CWC event?
Of course! Feel free to pass email invitations onto anyone you think might be interested in the CWC. Or they can join or subscribe to our mailing list to be alerted of upcoming events via email.

Can I bring my husband/brother/son/partner to a CWC event?
We don’t discriminate against men attending our public CWC events… but our invited speakers/panellists will always be women.

Do you offer childcare at your events?
Unfortunately at this stage we are unable to offer childcare at any CWC events.

Can I bring my child/ren to a CWC event?
Maybe, but please note our events and the venues may not be very exciting (or safe) for a toddler or young child. Young babies (who are not yet crawling) are welcome but we ask that you please respect the speaker and other attendees right to an uninterrupted presentation.

I’d like to sponsor CWC in some way, how do I go about this?
That’s very generous of you, thank you! Please contact us.

I’d like to be a speaker at a CWC event, how do I go about this?
Please contact us to discuss.