Graphic Design Speak: Tips, Advice, and Jargon Defined for Non-Graphic-Designers

GDS2014_Angle-promo_cover_400px_lowresGraphic Design Speak is about giving non-graphic-designers a working knowledge of the words and concepts graphic designers commonly use, without explaining the history of graphic design or going overboard with the technical talk.

To graphic designers, this information is commonplace – but it is also extremely important and useful for non-graphic-designers (meaning makers, interior designers, publicists, marketing and communication professionals, writers, musicians, bloggers, performers… anyone in a creative role themselves or who works with a graphic designer) to know as well.

Graphic Design Speak was born from a few blogs posted here, designed to help creative women manage the technical/admin side of their businesses.

With over 10 years experience communicating and collaborating with clients and creative business owners, graphic designer Tess McCabe explains, in a friendly and conversational way, all the basics you need to know to feel confident when communicating with your graphic designer, web designer or printer to get the best result for your business.

This handy paperback guide explains:

  • Basic colour terms like Pantone, CMYK, RGB and what they mean
  • Common file types and where you use them (a.k.a. Why can’t my printer just get my logo from my website and put it on my business card?)
  • How to distinguish a high-resolution image from a low-resolution one (a.k.a. A journalist has asked for a high-resolution image for a story about me, but how do I know which one of these image files to send?!)
  • The standard paper and envelope sizes
  • Facts about fonts
  • And over 95 common words and phrases us graphic designers throw around willy nilly.

New in the 2014 edition:

Those multiple back-and-forth emails with your techy-nerd friend or frantic late-night forum-reading can be avoided with this helpful little handbook! And you will feel empowered with knowledge and enjoy a better working relationship with graphic design professionals as a result.

More about this book:

  • Full colour
  • 44 pages
  • Designed and printed in Melbourne, Victoria using environmentally friendly printing methods and paper.
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