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Introducing the Conversations with Creative Women title page designers…

Last week, I revealed the women who are interviewed in Conversations with Creative Women. What a talented bunch! But the icing on the book-cake is most definitely the hand-picked group of local illustrators and designers who contribute to Conversations in a very special way.

(An aside: does anyone else have their brightest ideas in the darkness of their bedroom pre-falling asleep? I swear this is where most of the design ideas for the book took place).

I love promoting the work of others and, as a designer, I love getting a creative and challenging brief. So I thought (hoped) that if I approached some excellent lady designers, artists and illustrators with the following brief, they too would take on the challenge and come up with some creative, surprising and spot-on results.

The brief to each contributor was to illustrate their preferred interviewee’s full name in a creative, emotive way that is aesthetically sympathetic to the kind of work the interviewee creates or is involved in. This illustration would then be the ‘title page’ introducing each interviewees chapter within the book. There were 13 individuals and one ‘group collaboration’, and over the next few weeks I’ll share with you their pieces and some insight into their concepts and creative methods, in their own words.

The first designer will be coming up later today! Stay tuned…

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