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LOTS going on in the craft/design/art/makers world at the moment! This weekend former CWC speaker Emily Wright of Nancybird is having a studio sale with mates Polli and Poppies For Grace. Over two days the girls will be marking down samples, seconds and past season bits and pieces, and with stock being constantly replenished you can be sure to get a bargain no matter when you show up. Details in the image above or on the Nancybird blog.

Belinda Kemp is excited to be listing her first collection of digitally printed fabric as pre-orders (until july 29). Visit her etsy shop here to see!

The State of Design’s Design:Made:Trade designer showcase event opened today, and until Sunday afternoon will host many local talents such as Ink & Spindle, Shelley Panton, Harvest Textiles, Emily Green, Designed in BrunswickPocket Carnival, Milly Fleming, Emma Greenwood, and many, many more! Tomorrow is a trade day (register here) but Saturday & Sunday are open to the public. It’s not a market per se (in that you can’t buy everything on show), but to meet the makers in person is such a rewarding experience it’s worth going along just to say hello!

And finally, a big congratulations to Dearne Herrenberg (of Mainichi, and founder of the CWC!) on the safe arrival of daughter Imogen last month :)

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