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We work hard to make sure our Members get the most out of their membership. But don't just take our word for it. Check out what these lovely ladies have had to say about what they love about CWC.

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Kate James

Business Coach - Total Balance

I love being part of Creative Women's Circle - not just because the events are amazing but because of the incredible women I've met both in-person and online. I was recently invited to Byron Bay to speak at the Splash workshops after Nikki Buckland found my profile on the CWC site. Already this has led to lots of other lovely things including being profiled on the Paper Runway blog which generated lots of new interest on social media and some new clients.


Martina Gemmola


I can't stress enough the positive effect CWC has had on my business. In the early days I asked a couple of CWC people on coffee dates & we started to collaborate on some folio projects. What resulted was a greater confidence in my work and in the direction it was going, the freedom to try new things, and refine some old skills. I started to feel a little more at home back in Melbourne, armed with an instant support network filled with absolutely rad women. 


Jasmine Mansbridge


My CWC network has become a part of my creative life, I have worked with other members on projects several times and I enjoy contributing to the CWC blog as a writer. I have to say though that you get out what you put in, so attend what you can in person and meet other women face to face where possible. That way you will get the most out of your membership.

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Dr. Narelle Lemon,

Arts Educator & Researcher

The CWC community are incredibly generous. I’m taken aback from being around women who are so open to sharing their experiences, both on the emotional and nitty gritty of things such as branding, web design, business set up or even how to set up new partnerships.

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