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Monica McMab, Designer/maker

Monica McNab

What is your professional or training background?
+ Diploma Painting NMIT 2001
+ BA Textile Design RMIT 2006
+ 6 month Internship with Ioannis Dimitrousis of London 2007
+ Creative director – Decorations for the Melbourne Lindy Exchange
+ Various freelance jobs

What do you make, create or do?
As a textile designer, I bring a unique range of tactile products to the market. All products are hand made with an eco-sensibility. My fabric badges are hand silk screened on remnants or recycled fabrics. I also make a line of greeting cards with unique hand painted designs to carry messages from the heart in a fun, creative and eco-friendly way. Additionally, I have created a range of iron-on packs, which can be cut out to create endless t-shirt designs. It’s a fun activity for all ages and an affordable way to get a designer t-shirt with your own personal touch. I am currently working hard on creating new products so stay tuned.

What other creative areas would you like to explore as a side-project to your current work, or move into full-time?
I am not sure about full time but I am interested in moving into costume design and or stage set design for theatre, TV and movies.

What skills do you have that help you run your business, or what skills would you like to develop?
I am a bit of an all rounder, jack of all trades, you have to be to run a one woman show. My strongest point is by far my creative skills. I am very good at painting, drawing, silk screening, graphic design and textile design. Having a critical eye is important; I need to decide what is good and what is not. I am also working on understanding my customers better. I still need to develop more administrative and management skills, let’s face it, as a creative this is not my strong point but I am always learning and eager to learn.

List five people, businesses or websites/blogs that keep you motivated and inspired, and why?
I have been inspired and motivated by people who also run their own small businesses, which I have met through The Rose Street Artist Market.

These people have been so wonderfully supportive and inspiring. To name a few:

+ Laura from Mina and Oli. Laura also shares the stall at rose street with me. She is very passionate about keeping her product based on recycling which helps me keep my focus on sustainability. Also her sewing skills are something to admire.

+ Jane from Two layers of Cells. Jane loves to help me thrash out ideas and likewise I return the favour. This really helps me feel motivated and move forward with ideas.

+ Gareth and Anna from Able and Game. Very lovely people with very funny greeting cards. I have watched them take their product to the next level and now I strive to follow in their footsteps.

+ Yale Myerson – I studied with Yale at RMIT, as it turns out she also has a stall at The Rose Street Artist Market every Saturday and on some Sundays. It was through meeting her again that I found the courage to take the steps to get started.

+ My Boyfriend. Thomas, Well you could say that he is my firm foundation, through his support he keeps me on track and motivated to continue.

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  1. lisags21 says:

    The cards shown above are super cute. I love the play on words of "My Bear Hug" and "to My Dear".

    funny adult greeting cards