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New sponsor + special offer

Over the years I’ve occasionally been asked to provide a photo/headshot of myself to accompany a bio or whatnot, and always groan at the idea of having to find a suitable-looking image of myself. I’m not the most photogenic person in the world, critical of my imperfections (thanks, teenage acne!) and do my best to keep my visual presence on the interwebs to a minimum!
But I am a big fan of street-style fashion images, the kind you see on The Sartorialist or Garance Dore. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that Melbourne’s own daily street-style blogger, Cheryl Lin of Business Chic, started offering personalised photographic services!

Joyce of Cycle Style and Jen of My Best Friend Jen. Photos by Cheryl Lin.

Cheryl‘s aim is to help new graduates, mums returning to work, or anyone who needs a professional set of photos to use on social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter etc, with a set of styled, chic images of themselves – so that they might put their best foot forward and project a professional personal image of themselves online.

She also offers style consultation and shopping help for professionals who would like to update their workwear style.
Even though I was a bit nervous before my photoshoot (remember: unphotogenic person here), when I met with Cheryl I was instantly put at ease – she’s such a friendly person and really listened to me as I explained in a roundabout way the kind of bio photos I needed… some corporate, some trendy-urbanite, some hand-maiden! Those are completely random descriptors but give you an idea of my loose brief! And it helped that before the shoot we discussed over email the kind of photos I liked (her extensive Business Chic portfolio provided lots of inspiration) and what I should bring along with me in terms of my outfit and accessories. 
On the photoshoot afternoon, we grabbed a quick coffee and thanks to the lovely Autumn day, wandered around Melbourne’s CBD chatting, as Cheryl snapped away, always on the lookout for interesting backdrops and angles. Cheryl has a creative background in film & television so she’s acutely aware of good lighting and background scenery.

Photos by Cheryl Lin.

After about an hour and going through a number of different ‘looks’, we parted ways and soon after I received a stack of shots to look through and choose my final photos. I was AMAZED at the quality – truly some of the best photos anyone has ever taken of me! Not only were they good quality images, they were interesting and different-looking, and definitely a step up from the standard stand-against-a-white-wall or webcam self portraits that are so common for bio photos these days.
Anyway, as you can tell I can’t recommend Cheryl’s services enough, and lucky for YOU she wants to offer all CWC-ers 20% off her BusiChic photo & styling services if you enquire before the end of this month.
More details about the Business Chic services can be found here, or you can email .Thanks for everything, Chez!

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