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    Event recordings & podcasts

    Most event recordings and audio interviews are accessible by Members only. Consider joining CWC today!


    Aimee McCallum - Visual merchandiser and owner of North Fitzroy boutique Tiger & Peacock (42 mins)

    An interview with Melbourne-based Aimee McCallum, the creative force behind boutique Tiger & Peacock and an experienced and highly sought-after visual merchandiser. She has styled the windows of some of Melbourne's most well-known fashion and home wares retailers including T2 and Husk. In this interview she talks about her career path to date and how she seeks out inspiration for her unique and inviting window creations.



    Emily Green - jewellery and accessories designer (16 mins)

    An interview with Melbourne-based Emily Green, whose colourful beaded necklaces and accessories are extremely popular amongst Melbourne's creative class. With a background in fine art and teaching, in this interview Emily shares with us details of her career path to date and some of the experiences that have shaped her creativity and product designs.



    Karishma Kasabia - Tips for New Graduates (15 mins) Open to all members!

    An informative chat with Melbourne-based designer and creative director of Kish & Co, Karishma Kasabia, who has encountered many new graduates in the field looking for work after completing their studies. Recounting experiences as both a graduate and an employer, in this podcast Karishma shares with us her tips for new graduates (in any creative field) on approaching studios for paid work, applying for internships and making the most out of them, building a portfolio and doing work 'for free'.

    Karishma Kasabia - Tips for small business (15 mins)
    Melbourne-based designer and creative director of Kish & Co, Karishma Kasabia, has grown her small business from a solo freelancer to employing and managing a team of staff in just a few years. In this podcast, Karishma highlights some of the highs and lows of small business ownership and management, and shares tips on how to be a good manager and more.


    abbe-thumbNew! Abbe Holmes - Voiceover artist (28 mins)
    Abbe Holmes is the voice behind many well known commercial brands, advertisements, and television characters. In this interview we talk through her career, from 'falling into' voiceover work, to riding the wave of the industry, to training Australia's up and coming voice actors as a voiceover coach. It's an inspiring look into the career of a woman who has taken opportunities as they have arisen, and let her natural talent and zest for her industry guide her.




    Shelley Panton Open to all members! (65 mins)

    In this recording of our September 2011 event, Shelley shares with us her journey from visual merchandiser with Country Road, through catering and events management, to learning to throw a pot on a wheel, to taking the plunge opening her own studio/shop in Middle Park.




    Julia Pound - Owner/Curator at fashion boutique Dagmar Rousset (63 mins)

    At our September 2012 event, Julia shares her experience as a boutique fashion store owner, using her keen eye and sense of style to bring together a host of local and international artisans. She discusses the various incarnations of her retail space, the collaborations she has instigated via Dagmar Rousset (including those with ALL Knitwear and Rowena Martinich), detail her unique shop/school business model and what she has learned about both along the way.



    Anna Davern, Caz Guiney, Romani Benjamin, Ali Limb and Katherine Bowman of NorthCity4 (1 hour 20 mins)

    This CWC event, held in August 2012, was presented as part of the Craft Victoria Craft Cubed Festival and the Victorian Small Business Festival. Each of the five founders of Brunswick-based creative hub NorthCity4 talk about their individual creative practise and a different aspect of their not-for-profit arts organisation.



    Fiona Sweet (77 mins)

    Graphic designer and creative director of Sweet Creative, Fiona Sweet, takes us through her career from independent freelancer to business owner, sharing lessons she has learned about winning (and firing) clients, hiring staff, and how she keeps her creative fire burning. From our event in June 2012.



    Julie Paterson of Cloth (55 mins)

    Our first Sydney event in October 2012 featured guest speaker Julie Paterson of Cloth. Julie delighted the audience first with a project to keep our hands busy (finger knitting long strands of coloured wool to be included in an knitted display outside her Williams Street store



    Chrissie Feagins (83 mins)

    For our final event of 2012, former advertising creative director and current co-founder of Hookturn Industries Chrissie Feagins takes us through her 'life map', comprising her career highs and lows, interspersed with travel, family management and creative revelations. 




    Angie Rehe (1 hour 27 minutes)Angie_Rehe_podcast_pic

    As an ex-designer for Gorman and Country Road (amongst other well-known brands), and now in-demand Illustrator, Angie Rehe gives us an insight into the world of fashion design and buying, commissioned illustration and the little things you do throughout your career that can reap major rewards later on. Hilarious and heartfelt, this thoroughly entertaining talk from April 2013 has been described as 'The best CWC event EVER!'!



    Melanie Katsalidis (1 hour 22 minutes)

    Jeweller and founder/director of boutique jewellery stores Pieces of Eight and Edition X, Melanie Katsalidis, speaks about her career as maker and shop owner, the delights and challenges of mixing creativity with business, and surviving in the niche retail landscape. From our event in July 2013.




    Miranda Skoczek (1 hour 6 mins)

    Artist Miranda Skoczek unashamedly delights in creating pictures which are joyous and celebratory, and enjoys putting incongruous things together in a harmonious, and hopefully, beautiful way. Her paintings have been acquired by numerous local and international collectors and she has enjoyed countless sell out shows. And while Miranda been an exhibiting artist for the last 10 years, she is also mum to a pre-school age son. Miranda provides insight on her career to date, her work/home balance and her creative process. From February 2014.


    heidi-moore-gillHeidi Moore-Gill (50 mins)

    With a love of embellishment, colour and magic, Heidi Moore-Gill's bespoke balloon business has gained a cult following and now includes event styling, calligraphy and watercolours. Her career spans over 20 years working in a variety of creative industries including stints in fashion at Collette Dinnigan and Jac + Jack as well as interiors and styling for some of Australia's leading magazines and brands. From our event in March 2014.




    Hailey Bartholomew (53 mins)

    Hailey is an award-winning film maker and photographer. She works for international aid organisations, shoots TV commercials, documentaries, family portraits and promo videos. When not being hired by other people, Hailey works passionately on her own projects. Hailey will talk about turning her passion into a living, finding her feet as a professional and how she juggles a work/life balance. From our event in April 2014.



    Kit Palaskas (75 mins)
    Hear craft-based designer Kitiya Palaskas worked her way through a number of roles at companies such as Etsy and Family Circle, to build her own following and reputation as a highly-creative solo business lady (but not without a few bumps along the way). Includes her excellent tips for avoiding 'overwhelm' in a heavily visual and competitive world.


    Leah Bartholomew (1 hour)
    Leah Bartholomew is an illustrator and designer living in Northern NSW. After a 10 year stint in Melbourne working for well known designer Beci Orpin, Leah returned to her home town in 2006 to start up her own home wares and stationery business ‘Beneath The Sun'. In this event recording from Brisbane in 2014, Leah talks about her career path, working as a graphic designer and designing textiles for high-profile fashion brands and starting her own successful label.



    Marnie Goding of Elk (1 hour)
    As co-founder and creative director of Elk, Marnie’s keen eye for simple, classic design and strong commitment to working with natural materials sourced from small manufactures across the globe, has enabled her to build a label that is stocked across 500 Australian stores and is being picked up quickly by independent retailers in the US, Scandinavia and United Kingdom. Marnie shares with us the evolution of Elk as well as the challenges and delights of working in a family business and raising kids on the side.



    Pepa Martin & Karen Davis of Shibori (59 mins)
    Sydney duo Pepa Martin and Karen Davis are founders of Shibori, a boutique textile agency renowned for pushing the boundaries of this ancient Japanese craft. At this event we heard about their journey and experiences (and the designer collaborations along the way!) plus their advice on how to build a creative enterprise.



    abby-seymourAbby Seymour (55 mins)
    Abby Seymour's Melbourne-based practice spans jewellery, objects and print. Drawing inspiration from hidden details, subtle forms, the simplicity of textural details and layers in the environment, she strives to apply high attention to detail, artisan techniques and a sustainable ethos to every piece of work she produces. In this event recording, we hear about the evolution of Abby's practice from a partnership to a solo-operator, her tips for developing a strong and cohesive aesthetic and brand, and what she's learned in business along the way.


    nicole-arnett-phillipsNicole Arnett Phillips (87 mins)
    Nicole Arnett Phillips loves letters, layout and ink. In her design consulting business, Nico!eap, she designs documents with emphasis on clarity, creativity and the effective delivery of information. She also writes, teaches, publishes and curiously explores her profession as Typograph.Her, and recently launched her own publication Typograph Journal exploring this industry. At this event we hear about the evolution of Nicole's practice, her journey setting up and maintaining a letterpress printing studio, and what she's learned in business along the way.


    CWC x The Leap Stories (1 hour 30 mins)
    Are you thinking of taking the leap from your day job to focus on your creative practice? Maybe you already have, or perhaps you want to just dip your toes in the water. In this panel event chaired by Kylie Lewis from Of Kin, four creative women speak candidly on how to make the shift & share all the nitty gritty advice from personal finances to promoting yourself. Featuring panelists Prue Gilbert (The Grace Papers), Petrina Turner (Petrina Turner Design), Sonia Lear (Happy Camper Van) & Emma Clark Gratton (Creative Women’s Circle and Gratton Design).


    Please note, opinions stated are the speaker's own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Creative Women's Circle or it's Board. Guest Speaker event recordings by their nature may have fluctuations in sound and quality levels.