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New press

Hey all, I’ve just added a few new links to the Press page… some new reviews of the book and interview-style information with me about self-publishing in general. Online you can visit Kaleidoscope and Beautiful Curio, and in print check out the most recent issue of Extra Curricular (it’s an issue all about self- publishing and features Ebony Bizys of Hello Sandwich amongst many great others!). If you’re up for some audio you can listen to me talk about my self-publishing journey on Radio Adelaide Arts Breakfast, but I warn you that it was early in the morning, so I might sound a bit all over the place :)

And a quick reminder about the upcoming Meet the Maker night at Shelley Panton’s studio on Sept 12… where I’ll share my thoughts on work+creativity+small business+wrangling a small human boy at the same time, in between mouthfuls of cheese & crackers. Hooray!

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