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    Nadine Wemyss, Dressmaker

    Images courtesy of Thread Den

    Nadine Wemyss
    Owner, operator, maker, designer, patternmaker, marketing...the lot!
    2Fly Dressmaking

    What is your professional or training background?
    Studied 5 years at RMIT in an Advanced Diploma of Business (International Trad) then followed through with a Certificate IV clothing production & design at RMIT again.

    I now update my skills on a regular basis attending advanced sewing classes and recently joined a private dressmaking school in my local area which teaches better ways to advance both patternmaking and sewing skills.

    What do you make, create or do?
    I sew evening, bridal, bridesmaids and special occasion gowns. Sometimes I have the odd costume or casual dress for specific occasions

    What other creative areas would you like to explore as a side-project to your current work, or move into full-time?
    Move into full time would be my ultimate dream at present. Eventually I would like to have my kids and look after them at home as well as be able to work from home. Other projects at present that I would like to explore is some project or negotiations with a retail store that I could supply a range of very special gowns. It is just a matter of making time to make it happen. Fairly hard when I do all my business to myself.

    What skills do you have that help you run your business, or what skills would you like to develop?
    Skills that I have being a large help is my administration and of course sewing skills. These are both of great help and would not help me operate my business successfully if I didn't have those skills. Areas in which I would like to develop is always improving ways of doing my sewing.

    List five people, businesses or websites/blogs that keep you motivated and inspired, and why?
    + Burda Style is one of the biggest influences on my work. The past few years it has consistently reminded me that certain projects are not hard and just simply need dissecting. I love viewing all the projects from other keen sewers all over the world and commenting on their work. Gives me a buzz!

    + Vera Wang has the most stunning modern bridal gowns to date. I have many images of her new range hanging in my sewing room reminding me of her stunning work. Can't idolise her enough!

    + 100 Layer Cake is a blog jammed packed with so many wedding ideas and great modern twists on weddings today. In my downtime from sewing I love to do small crafts and make gifts for family and this blog is truely inspiring.

    + Real Weddings magazine. I used this magazine for a point of difference at my wedding planning meetings with my husband 2 years ago and havn't stopped buying it. Cosmopolitan Bride and Real Weddings Annual is another magazine that I just can not stop buying! I love all the DIY things that other brides have chosen and made, which regulary converts to a great idea for myself.

    + My Mum. She has taught me alot from a very young age and if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have such a passion for sewing. My sewing classes at school were only offered up to year 8 as I was in a country school and textiles was not popular. She was able to teach me a lot at home and a lot of trial and error was the best way to learn. She continues to challenge me and be there for support when I know something is not right.

    Contact Nadine via nadineskirts/at/hotmail.com

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