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    The Resolution Project


    When the New Year rolls in, many of us are quick to promise ourselves we’ll exercise more, spend less, prioritise time with friends and family, save for travel – but what about resolving to achieve our creative and business goals? Creative Women’s Circle, which supports, champions and connects women in creative industries, is here to help.

    CWC’s affordable, year-long goal-setting and getting program, The Resolution Project, will empower you to map out your creative and business dreams and make 2016 the year you achieve them. Along the way you’ll be supported by a tribe of like-minded women who will celebrate your successes and help you overcome the obstacles that might fall in your way.

    Through both in-person workshops and online tools throughout the year, you’ll meet other passionate women to share what you are stuck on, clarify your goals, learn tips from some talented experts and develop new strategies to keep you on track. Procrastination and fear will quickly be replaced by confidence and clarity.


    When: From 1 January, 2016
    Where: Anywhere!

    + Printable workbook that correlate with workshop themes (described below), delivered to your inbox to help you determine, plan and achieve your goals.

    + Full access to a private, facilitated Facebook group for fellow Resolution Project participants where you can access resources, celebrate milestones, and stick with your goals throughout the year, and beyond.

    + Regular opportunities to 'ask the experts', promote your creative work and business, build confidence in self-promotion online and connect with a wide community of creative women.


    Workshop 1: Connect and clarify

    When: Sunday 31 January, 2016
    Where: The Windsor Workshop, Melbourne

    + Brainstorm and clarify your goals
    + Learn a goal-setting framework
    + Set goals using your tailored planning board
    + Learn how to make the most of technology and apps
    + Discover tips for dealing with setbacks and procrastination
    + Meet, mingle and pick the brains of CWC committee members
    + Build support networks and accountability partners

    In this initial in-person workshop , you will brainstorm and clarify your goals for 2016 in a focused coaching session with writer and coach Julia May. Running through an easy-to-use goal-setting framework, you will be able to identify what you might be stuck on creatively as well as in your business, break your goals into manageable steps, set benchmarks, and put together a plan for 2016. We will also introduce you to technology aids to help organise your life and work and determine your priorities and deadlines.

    Bec Mackey of Brightside Creatives will discuss the benefits to having a variety of differing talents, interests and skills and how you can learn to manage ‘Too Many Ideas Syndrome’.

    You will have plenty of opportunity to meet and mingle with other creative women to build your support networks and connect with accountability partners to keep you motivated throughout the year.


    Workshop 2:  Recap and reset

    When: Saturday 30 July, 2016
    Where: Frankie & Swiss, Melbourne 

    + Recap/realign your goals
    + Revise your planning board
    + Ask questions and gain feedback
    + Receive advice in our Ask the Expert panel
    + Learn what to do when you feel like you’re floundering

    Mid-year, we’ll meet again to check in with your goals and accountability partners. In this session, you will be able to to share how you are tracking and gain feedback from the group and facilitators. It’s a great opportunity to take time to reflect and revise your goals where necessary.

    Through our ‘Ask the Expert’ panel,  you’ll build skills in areas such as time management, graphic design, marketing, public relations, grants and funding, and access more to help you progress with your goals.

    By mid-year, we can often feel like we have fallen off track. We want to restart your engines with a reminder that while goal planning is helpful for  moving you towards creative and business success, it’s important to become comfortable with setbacks and missteps. Madeleine Dore of Extraordinary Routines will share tips for how to overcome perfectionism, deal with mishaps and procrastination, and master the art of adaptation.

    Celebrate your success 'wrap party'

    When: December, date TBC
    Where: Melbourne, venue TBC

    While it’s great focus on setting goals, tick off your to-do lists and create new ventures, how often do you take time to celebrate your successes?

    In December, all participants are invited to get together and share your achievements as well as the insights you gained along the way. Best of all, friends and family will be welcome to join in on the festivities. There will be drinks, nibbles and shameless self-promotion as you learn to better celebrate yourself and the creative women in your life. And of course, look ahead to making 2017 an even bigger success!

    Cost and bookings

    In 2016 The Resolution Project will be offered in two modes: Workshops + Online and Online Only.

    Workshops + Online mode SOLD OUT!
    Includes participation in Workshops 1 & 2 in Melbourne and access to all online resources including the workbook.  

    CWC Members: $192 (equates to $16/month) SOLD OUT!
    Non-Members: $276 (equates to $23/month) SOLD OUT!

    Online-only mode PLACES STILL AVAILABLE!
    Includes access to all online resources including the workbook.  

    CWC Members: $108 (equates to $9/month)
    Non-Members: $168 (equates to $14/month)

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    CWC Members can log in to find the discount codes here.

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