The Resolution Project


CWC’s affordable, year-long goal-setting and getting program, The Resolution Project, will empower you to map out your creative and business dreams and make this year the year you achieve them. Along the way you’ll be supported by a tribe of like-minded women who will celebrate your successes and help you overcome the obstacles that might fall in your way.

A printable workbook helps to clarify goals and identify the steps to achieve them, while our closed Facebook group provides an online space where you’ll meet other passionate women and share what you are stuck on, find support networks, learn tips from some talented experts and develop new strategies to keep you on track. Procrastination and fear will quickly be replaced by confidence and clarity.

What you’ll receive:

+ A printable TRP workbook, delivered straight to your inbox to help you determine, plan and achieve your goals.

+ Full access to our private, facilitated Facebook group where you can find and share resources, celebrate milestones, and find support to stick with your goals throughout the year, and beyond.

+ Regular opportunities to promote your creative work and business, build confidence in self-promotion online and connect with a wide community of creative women.

+ Opportunities to attend CWC events throughout the year and build your support crew.

End of year celebration

At the year’s end, all TRP participants will be invited to get together with fellow CWC Members and share achievements as well as  insights gained along the way. There will be drinks, nibbles and shameless self-promotion as you learn to better celebrate yourself and the creative women in your life.


CWC Members: $119 (equates to $9.90/month)
Non-Members (includes 12-month CWC Membership): $219 (equates to $18.25/month)

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Here’s what participants of TRP 2016 had to say about their experience:

“It’s a tremendous way to focus, make clear goals and develop a plan for actually carrying them out.”

“Value for money. Flexible, online program. Guaranteed benefits. A great resource.”

“I think it was really useful especially for people working in solo situations, the awareness that other people have similar struggles or questions is reassuring.”

“Even though my goals changed I felt better equipped to deal with that, regroup and make new goals (and follow them!).”

“Deciding very early on in the year what I wanted to achieve this year & it gave me extra confidence to trust in my inspirations, strengths & even the down times.”

“TRP provided a great framework for reflection, clarifying goals and importantly turning this into action. When embarking on a new project, genuine support and assistance are invaluable – TRP provided this and more.”

“I think the workshop was really helpful and meeting others in real life made me more accountable with my goals.”