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Title page designer: Kirsty Eckard for Grace Camobreco

Graphic designer Kirsty Eckard was challenged with creating the title page for Graphic designer and creative director Grace Camobreco for the CWC book. Here she tells us about her concept and creative process:

I spent a good amount of time researching the work that Grace had done, and it took me a while to work out her style. After reading the blog and her many posts about craft and the handmade style, I felt that whatever I came up with had to be beautiful and structured typography, which reflected her studio work, with a hint of the handmade touch, reflecting her obvious love for the it. 

I began by experimenting with watercolour, and thought it would give Graces’ title page a little touch of handmade. I chose a beautiful font, Bulmer as it has a gorgeous lowercase g, and referenced a previous work of hers through the use of strong shapes and bold colours.

Thanks, Kirsty. Did you know Kirsty also has a lovely accessories label, So Little Time Co? I highly suggest you check it out (she will be at the Harvest Xmas Market too!).

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