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Title page designer: Mila for Lucy Feagins

Mila went all the way to Italy to be inspired to create the title page for The Design Files’ Lucy Feagins (okay, that may not have been the only reason she went there!). Maybe I should let Mila explain in her own words…

I was in Italy at the time of designing the title and spent a lot of time admiring all the old signage and hand painted shop fronts, some beautiful, some had seen better days, but all interesting and different to anything we see today. There was one in particular that stood out to me on the wall of an old toy store, a patch-work like sign, but it was old, rustic and worn, and I couldn’t help but think how striking it could look restored! I used this as inspiration for designing Lucy Feagins title page and found it so fitting as it was difficult to pick one direction to approach Lucy’s introduction as she is so passionately involved in all areas of art and design. After some sketches I created the title digitally designing the type to be modern but organic in it’s curves and deconstructed it into many different coloured facets representing the areas of Lucy’s involvement and appreciation, and played around with colours and compositions to represent the quirks and new age art and design we see Lucy appreciating and supporting on her website The Design Files!

Thanks Mila! Or should I say, ‘grazie tanto’!

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