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Title page designer: Yan Yan (Candy) Ng for Pip Lincolne of Meet Me at Mikes

Colourful and crafty are two words you could use to describe Pip Lincolne, but they can also be used to describe the title page that designer Yan Yan (Candy) Ng created for Pip in the CWC book.

Candy explains:

As a regular reader of Pip's blog, I was inspired by all her colourful blog posts as well being inspired by her shop Meet Me at Mike's – one of the shops I have to visit whenever I walked on Brunswick Street. It is always colourful and it makes me happy. Therefore I expressed that same happiness through my typographic illustration. 

I used materials and found objects to create this illustration. I love to make things and I am also a collector of random objects. I often found myself keeping a lot of second hand stuff (such as a full collection of sewing threads, fabrics, woods etc.) from friends, relative and through op-shopping because I have the "I might use it one day" in mind.  

I personally would like to thank you CWC for given me the opportunity to create a title page for them. It gave me the opportunity to make my ideas to reality; to create an embroidery into a typographic illustration, also to tidy up the amount of sewing threads I have got at home.

No worries, Candy, thanks for your contribution! See more of Candy's colourful world here.
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