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    Title page designers: Kish + Co for Masayo Yasuki of dogstar

    This title page design for Masayo Yasuki of dogstar‘s interview in the book is a collaborative effort from Agnes Tam, Rowena Coe, and Jacquie Lawson under the watchful eye of creative director Karishma Kasabia – the team at Kish +Co.

    Of the concept, Agnes tells us:

    We were researching Masayo’s fashion creations and came across a vibrant piece that featured this lovely yellow fabric with a bold pattern scattered across it, so we took the yellow, the placement of shapes across the fabric and combined it together with Masayo’s use of varied fabric textures to spell out her name. We also wanted to present her name in a manner that was indicative of the fashion industry, quite like imagery from a fashion shoot. 

    It was fun to take a break from the computer, and get hands on with cutting various material out… towards the end, our desks were somewhat covered in different swatches of black fabric, thread, dress pins – felt like a dabble in the fashion industry (cutting out letters – starting with small steps haha)

    You can read more about their process and inspiration over at the Kish + Co blog. Thanks, ladies!

    Posted by: Tess McCabe
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