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Weekly round-up: interesting finds from around the web

Photographer Nicole Hill Gerulat runs courses in photography and photoshop online. Suited to beginners or those who want to develop their skills for basic photography, you will learn how to work your camera using manual settings, and how to enhance your images in Photoshop by cropping, using contrast, and retouching. There are 'homework' style assignments and Nicole will offer her professional advice on your photos. (Image above courtesy of Nicole)

This is a cool collaboration: 1photo1print sees photographer Tim Anger take a photo each week, and then textile designer Kristen Doran creates a new textile design inspired by the photo.

Julia Zemiro was the subject of 20 Questions in the Age this week.

I'm a big fan of the (free, internet-available) radio show This American Life, and here's an interview with host Ira Glass about creativity, and why 'Your taste is why your own work disappoints you (found via @kottke)

There's a twitter meme going around at the moment called #the50, which condenses little tidbits of designer wisdom into 140 characters or less. Here's a roundup of 50 things graduate graphic designers should know, but really they could apply to almost anyone starting their creative practice (and useful as a refresher!) (found via @simply_phoebe)

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