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Weekly round-up: interesting finds from around the web this week

Image from Ginger & Smart's Anon SS 2011 collection.

Great article and video over at the Sydney Morning Herald about local label Ginger and Smart, and their approach to manufacturing their fashion pieces locally and ethically. (via @busichic)

When it comes to favourite bloggers, Joanna Goddard is definitely one of mine. Here's a nice interview over at Martha Stewart about how she first got into the blogging game, her workspace and how she finds content for A Cup of Jo.

ArtsHub have a new article up this week: How to write a press release... very helpful!

Two film makers are currently looking to the internet to raise funds for their upcoming productions:
Hannah Moore is the writer and director of 'ALI 707' - a hopeful short film which humanises the people behind the incredibly political asylum seeker debate in Australia. She's had some issues with gaining access to film inside the Woomera detention centre and therefore is raising funds via Pozible to finance the recreation of the centre in rural Williams Creek. To help Hannah tell this story, donate or find out more about the project here.

The second is the documentary 'The Punk Singer' about seminal musician Kathleen Hanna. Credited as a founder of the third wave of feminism and Riot Grrrl, Hanna has been a cultural icon for over twenty years. Find out more and donate at Kickstarter here to ensure this film reaches an audience. (via @nikolady)

If you're a fan of the US sitcom The Office, you're probably a fan of Mindy Kaling, or her alter-ego Kelly Kapoor. Mindy was the first woman to join the writing staff of The Office back in 2004. Clearly not busy enough writing and acting in The Office, she is about to release a book, and there's been a couple of great articles in support around the internet this week. Check out this piece at the New York Times and this excerpt from her book at The New Yorker.

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